The 10 Best Christmas Scene Creators & Mockup Generators

Christmas Scene Creators & Mockup Generators

In this article, I'll share what I think are the 10 best Christmas scene creators available online today. I'm a big fan of these resources, and we even use some ourselves for the Christmas items here on BrandPacks.

In general, most of the mockups we use on BrandPacks utilise generic and nondescript scenes. It helps us to showcase the thousands of templates we have in a clean and consistent manner.

But when it comes to themed design content, like our Christmas Menus, I love to showcase them with a good scene creator. And it's not just because my creative side fancies some time in Photoshop, it's because scene creators add real value when mocking-up a finished design.

The reason being, at least I think, is that scene creators help to showcase design work in a way that viewers can really feel. They provide context, and help people to understand exactly how a design will look and feel in real life – even though the whole image is digital.

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Once upon a time, creating custom themes for mockups like these was a difficult task. It involved pulling out props, taking photographs and processing them manually. Or it meant spending hours finding perfectly-angled stock photos and spending more hours isolating them with of Photoshop.

It was a real hassle, which was why virtually nobody themed their mockups. Now though, thanks to a handful of creative people, it's no longer a hassle to deal with, and creating scenes in Photoshop is as easy as drag & drop.

Christmas Scene Creators: More Than Just Mockups

One of the best things about these scene creators is that you needn't just use them for generating mockups. They're ideal for using as part of your design itself.

Christmas scene creators like these offer an incredibly easy way to add festive elements to your work without any extra work.

If you're working on a Christmas design project, these scene creators are packed with already-isolated images ready to drop onto your canvas.

In fact, this has become somewhat of a trend. As scene creators have exploded in popularity has, I've noticed a growing number of designers integrating top-view elements directly into their work.

It sort of makes sense when you think about it too. Initially these products were created as a means of making themed mockups. But actually, they contain hundreds, if not thousands of already-isolated images perfect for the projects you're working on.

So. considering the festive season is upon us, should I stop singing their praises and get on with sharing my favourites?

Here's my top ten Christmas scene creators, enjoy!

1. Rudolph Christmas Scene Creator

Rudolph Christmas Scene Creator

I've been long time friends with Carlos Viloria, the man behind this Christmas scene creator, so I can attest to his passion for producing quality products.

Not only is he a talented photographer and designer, but he's also a proficient 3D artist, which I believe gives him an edge when creating PSD mockups.

But you needn't take only my word for it: 5 star reviews and hundreds of purchases have made this one of the most popular Christmas scene creators online.

This set includes over 180 Christmas objects. The mockup files come in both Photoshop PSD & PNG formats. There's also some Christmas greeting card templates for Adobe Illustrator included as a bonus.


2. Scene Creator – Christmas PSD

Christmas Scene Creator PSD

With almost 300 likes on CreativeMarket, it's clear to see this is a popular file. Packed with decorative items, most of which have a rustic theme, this collection of Christmas images overflows with warm, rustic style.


3. Winter Collection Scene Creator

Winter/Christmas Scene Creator

Arguably the most popular winter scene creator out there, by Custom Scene, who is arguably the most popular maker of scene creator mockups.

You'll doubt recognise elements from this pack – they're used here on BrandPacks with frequency.

Included in this set is a mind-boggling 1,400+ items, which also makes it one of the largest scene creators on the market. As so, it's easy to see how items from this pack are not just used in our winter theme projects, we use them in dozens of others too.

If you don't yet own this mockup creator, I'd highly recommend grabbing it before the price goes up. It will come in useful time and time again.


4. Winter Cosy Collection

Winter Scene Creator

This Winter Cosy Collection, also by Custom Scene, is a smaller, cosier version of the aforementioned product.

You'll find elements from this scene creator used in our recent mockups for Rustic Christmas Menus & Ornate Christmas Menus.

Featuring a warm, snug and relaxing “hygge” style, this set of mockups are ideal for creating a feeling of by-the-fire warmth, sheltered from the cold outside.


5. Christmas Scene Creator Top View

Christmas Scene Creator

This Christmas scene creator includes 33 unique movable Christmas and winter props.

The items in this set of mockups are particularly well-suited to lighter backgrounds and scenes. Whilst not one of the biggest collections available, there's still plentiful assets for creating interesting Christmas mockups.


6. Christmas Top View Scene Creator

Modern Christmas Scene Creator Mockups

I love this collection. There are only 30 unique items in this download, but their unique stylised appearance more than makes up for it.

These assets will come in useful when you want to create mockups that focus the eye on the product you're showcasing – not the mockup itself.

Also, as the mockups are all matte white, adding your own colour overlays is really easy!


7. FOODY Christmas Edition

Christmas Food Lettering & Scene Mockup

This one scores 10/10 from just for originality. Or maybe it's because I'm a self-confessed foodie?

Either way, this is one super cool scene creator, and who can argue that the food isn't essential to the festive season anyway? Nobody, that's who!


8. Christmas Scene Creator by The Beacon Collection

Christmas Scene Creator by The Beacon Collection

Here we have another scene creator unique in its own way. This time, the collection features a much more traditional style of Christmas decorations.

In some ways, it makes me feel like these decorations come from my grandmother, or an old English manner house!


9. Christmas Scene Creator V.1 By Make Beautiful Things

Christmas Scene Generator PSD

In my opinion, this is an underrated collection of Christmas props. Each item goes perfectly together, and there's a strong focus on Christmas reds.

Whilst this isn't one of the biggest collections, there's certainly enough variation to creating handfuls of unique scenes.

Along with the individual movable items, or “digital styling props” as the author calls them, there's also a few unique background textures.


10. Christmas Scene Creator Volume 4

Christmas Scene Creator Vol.4

Filled with bold, vibrantly coloured elements, this final item in our round-up contains over 170 unique items.

There's good variety too. Nature, food & drink, crafts, gifting and other Christmas elements all included.

Compared to those above, I would say this pack is the least best presented, but that shouldn't detract from the quality of items found inside.

Have a good look through the previews and you'll see what I mean…



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