Let's say your clients have a hot product or service they want to promote. For instance, the hottest fashion, a new gadget or the latest in home decor. No matter what it is, they want it to dazzle and delight audiences.

Luckily, our list of the best InDesign catalog templates makes that easier and then some. To be fair, finding these gems wasn't easy. We searched high and low for the best of the best, resulting in over 50 mint templates to choose from.

These catalog templates make a great starting point for your latest inspiration. In other words, you'll have a solid foundation on which to build an eye-catching work.

You won't have to worry about freebies or “freemium” templates, either. After all, we know designers like you value quality as much as speed. Each one of our picks comes straight from premium sources like Adobe Stock.

We know your mind's brimming with stunning catalog ideas right about now. Download a template, fire up InDesign and get your creative juices flowing!

Why Choose Adobe InDesign for Catalog Templates?

Because creating anything from scratch takes time. Take your clients' catalog, for instance. A great layout can take hours or even days of hard work. From setting up your own margins and bleeds to organizing layers and elements. Needless to say, you don't want to leave your clients waiting.

With InDesign catalog templates, you can skip the wait and dive into your project with ease. After all, each template has everything set up from the start. Oh, and did we mention that everything's customizable? Type, colors, shapes, etc. These templates are 100% flexible for your creative needs.

Also, Adobe InDesign is the perfect software for creating catalogs and other projects. For starters, its powerful tool set is tailor-made for multi-page documents. You'll have precise control over every aspect of your project. Page after page, your layouts will always look polished and consistent.

Second, InDesign is easy to use. Our catalog templates add even more usability features. Just open your downloaded template in InDesign and you're all set.

Check out and download our Best Catalog Templates for Adobe InDesign below.

1. Minimal Product Catalog Layout

Minimal Product Catalog Layout

This layout has everything you need…and nothing you don't. It's the standard for other minimal layouts to follow.

2. Catalog Lookbook Layout

Catalog Lookbook Layout

A bold and dynamic layout that balances white space with colorful elements. The end result is nothing short of fabulous.

3. Catalog Layout with Teal Accents

Catalog Layout with Teal Accents

A rich, elegant layout that makes great use of its gold accents and teal accents.

4. Interior Design Catalog Layout with Brown Accents

Interior Design Catalog Layout with Brown Accents

Designed with home decor in mind, but flexible enough to work anywhere. Elegant and minimal.

5. Product Catalog Layout with Blue and Black Design

Product Catalog Layout with Blue and Black Design

This template offers a high-tech look and feel. Perfect for heavy industry and manufacturing products.

Product Catalog Layout

Product Catalog Layout

Here's another awesome template that leans into the minimal theme. It's smooth, slick and a joy to look at.

7. Product Catalog with Green and Grey Accents

Product Catalog with Green and Grey Accents

Your clients will love this rich layout, especially with its green and gray accents. Well-organized and easy to edit.

8. Product Catalog Layout

Product Catalog Layout

Another minimal layout that's a bit busier than most, but still light where it counts.

9. Product Catalog Layout in Black and White with Cyan Accents

Product Catalog Layout in Black and White with Cyan Accents

The cyan accents give this catalog template the visual punch it deserves. A striking example of the modern catalog.

10. Square Product Catalog Layout with Gray and Blue Accents

Square Product Catalog Layout with Gray and Blue Accents

With this fantastic catalog layout, it's hip to be square. Perfect for showcasing fashion and photography.

11. Product Catalog Layout

Product Catalog Layout

Here's yet another minimal template with a modern look and feel. The yellow accents give each page visual oomph.

12. Product Catalog Layout

Product Catalog Layout

Showcase any product with this rich, yet clean and minimal layout. Teal accents give each page a colorful boost.

13. Catalog /Lookbook Layout

Catalog /Lookbook Layout

Give your clients something to look at with this elegant layout. Includes 36 easy-to-edit pages.

14. Modern Portfolio Layout

Modern Portfolio Layout

Showcase any product — or even your own works — with this amazing portfolio-style catalog. Clean, crisp and minimal.

15. Product Catalog Layout with Blue Accents

Product Catalog Layout with Blue Accents

When you want a clean, no-nonsense layout with the right splash of color. Features 12 fully-editable pages.

16. Spices Catalog Layout

Spices Catalog Layout

Foodies will fall in love with this spicy catalog template. Features large image placeholders and bold text.

17. Red and White Product Catalog

Red and White Product Catalog

It's only four pages, but each page offers a wealth of features to create a stunning catalog.

18. Catalog Layout

Catalog Layout

Clean, modern and sophisticated. Features minimal gray and red accents for a small hint of color.

19. Minimal Catalog Layout

Minimal Catalog Layout

Another minimal design with gray accents and great image placement. Perfect for interior design and home decor projects.

Product Catalog Brochure

Product Catalog Brochure

A brilliant choice for clients seeking a fun, yet minimal experience. Includes 14 easy-to-edit pages.

Catalog Layout with Pastel-Colored Accents

Catalog Layout with Pastel-Colored Accents

Here's another square catalog template, this time with tasteful teal accents. Perfect for any product or service.

22. Product Catalog Layout

Product Catalog Layout

Here's a light and airy layout that'll knock your clients' socks off. Comes with 24 customizable pages.

23. Catalog Lookbook Layout

Catalog Lookbook Layout

This versatile layout works as a product catalog or a lookbook. Either way, your clients will love it!

24. Catalog Layout with Pale Yellow Accents

Catalog Layout with Pale Yellow Accents

Another minimal layout with a breezy feel. Change the pale yellow accents to any color you wish.

25. Art Catalog Layout

Art Catalog Layout

Clear, cool and modern. A great choice for showcasing any museum exhibit. Also versatile enough for products and photography.

26. Product Catalog Layout

Product Catalog Layout

A fun and energetic layout with plenty of potential. The brown accents really sell the look and feel.

27. Furniture Catalog Layout with Grey and Pale Orange Accents

Furniture Catalog Layout with Grey and Pale Orange Accents

Kick back and relax with this soothing catalog layout. We love the light and airy feel it offers to readers.

28. Digital Product Catalog Layout

Digital Product Catalog Layout

Here's a layout that's tailor-made for tablets and other small-screen devices. Perfect for reaching customers on the go.

29. Product Brochure Layout

Product Brochure Layout

Sweet, cheerful, yet minimal. A layout that seems simple, but offers a wealth of potential for designers.

30. Product Catalog Layout

Product Catalog Layout

Pump up the volume with this bold and in-your-face layout. Gotta love the big photos, punchy text and vivid blue accents.

31. Catalog Lookbook Layout

Catalog Lookbook Layout

This one features huge dummy images with impressive placement. Overall, a clean design with plenty of potential.

32. Black and White Product Catalog Layout


The sky's the limit with this clean, simple and beautiful catalog template layout. We love the minimal look and feel.

33. Product Catalog Layout with Brown Accent

Product Catalog Layout with Brown Accent

Calming brown accents help lend a bit of gravitas to this unique catalog layout. Comes with five versatile design options.

34. Art Catalog Layout

Art Catalog Layout

Show off upcoming art exhibits and win over your best clients with this versatile layout.

35. Catalog Layout with Brown Accents

Catalog Layout with Brown Accents

A smooth and professional design with attractive brown accents. Great for home decor and more.

36. Multipurpose Minimal Decoration Catalog

Multipurpose Minimal Decoration Catalog

Another minimal layout, this time with sparse use of black accents for a unique look and feel.

37. Catalog Lookbook

Catalog Lookbook

Leave your mark with this audacious catalog layout. Black and bronze accents help it stand out more.

38. Product Catalog Layout with Orange Accents

Product Catalog Layout with Orange Accents

Get your creative juices flowing with this bold and cheery template. You'll have 29 pages to play around with.

39. Catalog Portfolio Layout

Catalog Portfolio Layout

Here's a fabulous layout that takes inspiration from the world's best designers. Make it yours with 36 pages to edit.

40. Interior Product Catalog Layout

Interior Product Catalog Layout

The silver accents make this ultra-modern layout look and feel like a million bucks. Try it out for yourself.

41. Shoe Store Catalog Layout

Shoe Store Catalog Layout

Tread new ground with this clean and minimal layout. Of course, it also works for other products besides shoes.

42. Catalog Layout

Catalog Layout

If your clients demand a catalog with an upscale vibe, this template is the one to choose.

43. Product Catalog Layout

Product Catalog Layout

Impress your clients with this bold and vibrant layout. The vivid yellow accents pop, here.

44. Minimalist Catalog Lookbook Layout

Minimalist Catalog Lookbook Layout

Clean, simple and laid back. A soothing catalog layout that's ideal for any interior design project.

45. Elegant Product Catalog Layout with Gold Accents

Elegant Product Catalog Layout with Gold Accents

A unique template with an equally unique layout. Make this one yours with your own images and text.

46. Catalog Layout

Catalog Layout

An avant-garde choice that makes great use of its minimal elements. Easy to edit and print.

47. Fashion Product Catalog Layout

Fashion Product Catalog Layout

Wow your clients with this stunning catalog layout. The bold blue accents give it more pizazz.

48. Catalog or Lookbook Layout

Catalog or Lookbook Layout

Win your clients over and unleash your creative potential with this flexible layout. Clean, elegant and modern.

49. Gray Catalog Layout

Gray Catalog Layout

Here's another bold choice for the fashionistas out there. A clean, minimal layout with the right amount of frills.

50. Catalog Layout with Pale Orange Accents

Catalog Layout with Pale Orange Accents

The pale orange accents give this catalog layout a happy-go-lucky vibe. Comes with 26 easy-to-edit pages.

51. Cosmetics Product Catalog Layout with Pink Accents

Cosmetics Product Catalog Layout with Pink Accents

A fun, energetic layout that's brimming with potential. Showcase your clients' latest products with this one.

52. Catalog Layout

Catalog Layout

A versatile layout you can use as a lookbook, portfolio or product guide. Minimal, yet modern.

53. Product Catalog Layout with Orange Accents

Product Catalog Layout with Orange Accents

Your clients will go nuts over this eye-catching catalog layout. The orange accents punch up the visual impact.

54. Catalog / Lookbook Layout

catalog- lookbook-layout-indd
Catalog / Lookbook Layout

Here's yet another catalog that also works as a lookbook. A layout that's waiting for your creative input.

55. Product Catalog Layout

Product Catalog Layout

Here's a luxurious catalog template that's oozing with sophistication. Plenty of elegant details to tweak as you see fit.

Final Thoughts: Best Catalog Templates For Adobe InDesign

Whew! That about wraps up our list of the best InDesign catalog templates. If you're like us, then chances are you're having a hard time deciding which one works best. Try out a couple and see how they stack against each other. In our opinion, the best template is the one that helps your clients draw customers.

Of course, there are a few fundamentals to keep in mind. For instance, choose a template that fits your clients' target market and audience. The last thing you need is a design that's out-of-step with your clients' brand and products.

Also, don't forget to use high-resolution images. After all, great photos are an absolute must when it comes to catalogs. High-res photos make the products and services look more appealing. Aim for a photo resolution over 300 DPI. Also, avoid the temptation to blow up smaller photos. That's an easy way to lose image quality.

Download one of these templates and unleash your creativity. As always, drop a comment below if you love our picks and want to leave a quick note. We always want to hear from our most valued fans. Also, give us a shout if you have more templates worth adding to our growing list.

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