30+ Christmas Flyer Templates, Design Ideas & Inspiration

30+ Christmas Flyer Templates

Christmas Flyers in PSD & Vector

If you're looking for Christmas flyer templates, you've come to the right place.

The festive season is a busy time for us designers. From Christmas parties and events to winter sales and NYE celebrations.

There's always an outstanding project, and it's at a time when we want to be working least.

As so, I'd like to help you out with a round-up of 30+ designs that'll give you a boost through the holiday rush.

If you're stuck for ideas and need some inspiration, these Christmas designs will speed up your workflow quicker than you can say Eggnog!

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Whether you want to design from scratch, or download a printable layout, this epic list of Christmas flyer templates will warm your frosty designer’s block.

Each of the templates in this collection come in PSD & Ai vector formats, meaning they work with Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator.

Printable, Customisable, Fun & Friendly

You've got my word: these template are very easy to edit and customise. The template files are well-organised, with backgrounds, vector illustrations and text layers. They're also designed using only CMYK print-safe colours, so you can rest assured they'll print out perfectly.

Obviously, Christmas is a religious holiday, so we've made sure you'll have no problem picking a design to use in your local church, or at family orientated events.

They're all family-friendly designs, perfect for both kids and adults.

So let's get into it! Here's our collection of winter wonderland flyers, expertly designed for all your Christmas celebrations:

1. Christmas Flyer Template v2

Christmas Flyer Template in PSD & Vector

Featuring a large Christmas wreath at its centre, the Christmas theme is impossible to miss. Ideal for anyone wanting a generic Christmas flyer or invitation that is simple & easy to edit.

2. Christmas Flyer Template v2 (side two)

Ornate Christmas Flyer Template

This template also features a large Christmas wreath, but with a lighter colour scheme and more space for text-based information. There's also a prancing reindeer and other small Christmas decorations.

3. Christmas Poster Template

Christmas Poster Templates

If you're looking for a modern-meets-elegant Christmas Poster, look no further than this! Plentiful text areas & gorgeous crimbo vectors produce a design as festive as it is practical.

4. Ornate Christmas Flyer Template

Ornate Christmas Flyer Template

Deep red & gold colours meet elegant snowflake illustrations. These Ornate Christmas Flyers are a simple all-round crowd pleaser.

5. Merry Christmas Poster Template

Merry Christmas Poster Templates

Packed with Christmas illustrations, like Santa & his sleigh, gifts, snow topped trees reindeer and more. The fun, festive & cartoon style of these designs makes them ideal for a wide range of clients.

6. Merry Christmas DL Card Template

Merry Christmas DL Card Template

In the same series as the previously listed design, this time in a smaller & more compact DL size. Still, size isn't everything right? ‘Cause this design still packs a mighty punch!

7. Christmas Party Flyer Template

Christmas Party Flyer Template

The cartoonish style & musical theme makes this Christmas Party Flyer Template ideal for bars, nightclubs and – of course – the office Christmas party!

8. Boxing Day Sale Flyer Template

Boxing Day Sale Flyer Template

This festive flyer, albeit for Boxing Day, is still suitable for Christmas themed promotions. The layout is clean & simple with a modern flat design style.

9. Christmas Flyer Template

Christmas Flyer Template

Effortlessly balancing traditional design with a modern, practical and easy-to-edit layout. This template is packed with festive illustrations alongside plentiful text space for event information.

10. Christmas Flyer Template

Christmas Flyer Template

This flyer features a minimal design style with a big, bold message. The title is large and eye-catching, surrounded by tasteful Christmas themed vector illustrations.

11. Christmas Poster Template v2

Christmas Poster Template v2

The festive theme cannot be missed with these Christmas posters. Filled with fun but ornate Christmas illustrations, they're perfect for almost any type of event this holiday season.

12. Boxing Day Sale Flyer Template v2

Boxing Day Sale Flyer Template

These beautifully illustrated flyer templates are a perfect match for Christmas, Winter & Boxing Day Sales.

13. Boxing Day Sale Flyer Template v2 (side two)

Boxing Day Sale Flyer Template

Another perfect example of a multi-purpose holiday season flyer design. This template will come in useful throughout the year-end festivities.

14. Winter Festival Poster Template

Winter Festival Poster Templates

With its snowy winter-wonderland theme and large bold titles, this template is ideal for promotions throughout the winter & Christmas season.

15. Christmas Party Poster Template

Christmas Party Poster Template

We listed this template's smaller sized flyer earlier on in this article, but couldn't resist listing this one also. I mean, who doesn't love a headphone-wearing Santa Claus!?

16. Christmas DL Rack Card Template

Christmas DL Rack Card Template

Don't let its size fool you, this layout makes a big impression. Its large Christmas wreath, vector illustrations and plentiful text pack massive value into this Christmas design template.

17. Christmas Market Poster Template

Christmas Market Poster Template

Christmas markets are a common event throughout the festive season. With these readymade templates, creating Christmas Market posters is a quick and simple task.

18. Winter Festival Flyer Template

Winter Festival Flyer Template

This snowy winter wonderland of a design is a superb choice for local promotions and events during the cold winter months. Blanketed with snow, pine trees and robin red breast illustrations, this design is fun & friendly.

19. Winter Festival Flyer Template (side two)

Winter Festival Flyer Template

the second side of the Winter Festival Flyer Template features a large title section surrounded by winter foliage vectors. There's also a large photo placeholder in the footer for inserting images of your event or promotion.

20. Merry Christmas Flyer Template

Merry Christmas Flyer Template

Santa is back in his sleigh with this terrific example of a Christmas flyer design. If you've ever needed Christmas design inspiration, look no further than this!

21. Merry Christmas Flyer Template (side two)

Merry Christmas Flyer Template

The second side of this Merry Christmas Flyer also features Santa in his sleigh, but this time it's with two reindeer and a darker nighttime colour scheme. There's also an image placeholder in the footer for photos of your product or event.

22. Rustic Christmas Flyer Template

Rustic Christmas Flyer Template

The flyer is elegant & practical, featuring clean and minimal text layouts for promoting Christmas parties & events. The rustic illustrations add a professional touch that balances the whole design.

23. Boxing Day Sale Poster Template

Boxing Day Sale Poster Templates

A 2-in-1 design of festive poster layouts suitable for Boxing Day, Christmas, Winter and other festive season promos.

24. Christmas DL Card Template

Christmas DL Rack Card Template

I've already featured several DL card layouts throughout this article, but I think this design is my favourite yet. It's simple and clean, yet cultured and classical. This balance of modern meets traditional design makes for a highly versatile Christmas template that'll come in useful time and time again.

25. Free Christmas Templates

Free Christmas Flyer Templates

It's about time we featured some freebies in here. These Free Christmas Flyer Templates are a quick n' easy way to produce fun festive flyers with just a few minutes editing. Their ugly sweater theme makes them the perfect match for informal adverts – like the office Christmas party!

26. Boxing Day Sale DL Card Template

Boxing Day Sale DL Rack Card Template

Another 2-in-1 layout that packs incredible value. Two separate pages with a modern flat-design style, featuring Christmas gift illustrations and large text areas for impactful flyers.

27. Christmas Sale Flyer Template

Christmas Sale Flyer Template

A double-sided flyer design in blue & green for Christmas sales and promotions. There's a cute Santa illustration, along with gifts, snow and Christmas trees relaxing the letter “A”.

28. Boxing Day Sale Poster Templates

Boxing Day Sale Poster Templates

I've already featured two smaller versions from this series of design, and I couldn't help myself to add another. It's clean and modern style makes a practical template that can be used in a range of situations.

29. Christmas Market Flyer Template

Christmas Market Flyer Template

With its red & white snow-topped stalls and Christmas illustrations, this flyer is ideal for school fairs, charity toy drives and, of course, Christmas Markets.

30. Christmas Market Flyer Template (side two)

Christmas Market Flyer Template

This design is the second side of the previously mentioned template. However, this time the colours use a dark, nighttime scheme. This design would be better suited to evening Christmas markets, or even winter beer festivals.

31. NYE Poster Template

NYE Poster Templates

Ok, so this design isn't technically for Christmas – it's for NYE. But I figured it's clearly festive theme could make it a useful choice for your designer's toolbox. Change the text from “New Year's Eve” to “Christmas”, and you've got yourself another useful template!

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