Coming soon to BrandPacks: New Templates with More Layouts

Coming Soon to BrandPacks

It has been a little over 2 months since BrandPacks went live.

Since we launched there hasn’t been much activity, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been working hard behind the scenes.

In the last two months we’ve spoken to dozens of our email subscribers to learn more about the templates they want from us. We’ve used this feedback to refine our plans for moving forward.

Over the next few weeks you’re going to see a regular flow of new templates being released onto the site, each with a variety of layouts and paper sizes.

In this quick post we just want to give you an overview of what you’ll see happening on BrandPacks in the next few weeks:

1. We're adding more layouts to every pack

Our first two products (Pizza Menu Template & Café Menu Template) came with just an A3 spread and two A4 page layouts. You told us this wasn’t enough.

Going forward, we’re pledging to increase the number of layouts included in every pack.

Every pack will now include:

  • Business / Loyalty cards
  • Multiple DL card layouts
  • Multiple A4 layouts
  • Horizontal A5 flyer
  • A3 spread (for menus)
  • Front & Back tri-fold brochure layout

2. New templates are coming!

We have lots of new templates on the way. For those of you following us on Instagram, you may have already seen some of the teasers we’ve been posting.

Here’s a selection of the new templates we’ll be releasing over the next few weeks:

After School Care Template Pack (coming soon!)

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Many of you told us you wanted templates for school and children themed activities. To answer that request we have produced this outstanding After School Care Template Pack.

Sushi Menu Template Pack (coming soon!)

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Our first two products were menus for a reason. Menus can be very difficult to produce and our suspicions that there are not enough menu templates on the market were proved. You asked for more menu templates, so more are on the way!

Financial Services Template Pack (coming soon!)

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Producing work for large boring corporates can be a tedious job. A large number of the customers we spoke with expressed a need for templates that could help them produce work for these clients.

Healthy Mind Template Pack (coming soon!)

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Originally designed for counselling services, this bright and vibrant template can easily be used for youth organisations too.

Real Estate Template Pack (coming soon!)

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Realtors rejoice! Or rather, their designers can rejoice. This template pack comes with everything you need to produce marketing materials for local realtors and real estate agencies.

Modern Restaurant Menu Template Pack (coming soon!)

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Another menu, this time with a completely different style. “Cosy” is a clean and modern template design for upscale and contemporary restaurants.

3. We've joined Instagram!

If you’ve not already guessed by the embedded Instagram images used above, we‘ve joined Instagram.

As a purely visual platform, Instagram is the perfect place for us to post what we’re working on and see your work too.

Please hop on over to Instagram and follow our account, then leave a comment on this post with your Instagram username and we’ll follow you back!

Want to request a template? Ask us in the comments!

BrandPacks is a brand new venture. We want to make sure that every step we take is the right one, so our ears are open.

If you have any suggestions or requests, please let us know in the comments. We can't wait to hear your feedback!


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