Dumb Things Clients Say to Graphic Designers

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17 Quotes of Stupid Things Clients Say to Designers

Each of these “dumb things clients say” quotes has been posted to our Instagram account over the last week.
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If men are from Mars and women from Venus, then clients must be from Earth and designers from Mercury. At least that's what they'd have us believe with their feedback that only a Nasa scientist could decipher.

This nonsense feedback usually splits clients into one of two groups. Clients are either completely unsure of what they want and believe their graphic designer is a never-aging mind reader.

Or, they know exactly what they want. In fact these clients seem to know more about graphic design than the person they've hired. And further, they have zero confidence the designer can complete the job with her own two hands.

I'm not quite sure which type of idiot client is worse, but I do know how frustrating they are to deal with. So we thought it'd be fun to make light of our plight and round up some of the most ridiculous comments we get from clients.

The sad thing is, these comments happen over and over again! Enjoy!

Dumb Things Clients Say to Graphic Designers

?? “Sure… you're the boss!” ??? . . #graphicdesigner #clientsfromhell #freelancedesigner

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Shoot me now. ? clients say! #FreelanceLife #FreelanceDesigner

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We're not mind readers! ? #graphicdesign #graphicdesigner #freelancedesigner #freelancelife #designerlife

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  1. Giang Hoang

    One of my client said: “And pls man, if i ask you for something dont get your own ideas. Im an expert on this. Trust me!”

  2. Joogle

    “I want all text straight and even other things for the design should be straight. It’s so unprofessional if you rotate it a little bit.”

  3. Barigye

    One of my best tricks is to give them the file they asked for the password protect it if they try to print…..it always works

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