Free A4 Poster Template for Photoshop & Illustrator (+ bonus business card template!)

We love creating flexible templates that are good for businesses and good for designers. This free a4 poster template certainly ticks those boxes.

With this template you can quickly create eye-catching posters for any type of business, service or product. There are plenty of editable text areas, a photo placeholder and a simple colour scheme ready for editing.

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Is the template easy to use?

We've created this poster template from ground up to be simple and easy to customise.

The poster design is minimal with a “block” style layout. The “block” style layout offers an efficient method for presenting information.

The blocks are separated by alternate background colours and different paragraph styles. These blocks can be used to easily break up information or highlight product features. This will be especially useful when pairing text with related icons.

In our example we’ve created a fictitious skiing company advertisement and use skiing related icons. But don't let that hold you back, you really can use this template for anything. Don't have any icons? Check out The Noun Project.

How big is the design?

As the name states, the template is designed for A4. So rest assured you needn’t pay for special print prices and can stick to standard a4 paper.

As with all our templates, we’ve worked hard to make sure this template is as easy to use as possible. In the download you’ll find both Photoshop & Illustrator files with all stock photos included.

Also if you didn't notice already, we've also included a bonus business card with this design. Because… why not!?

If you like this free a4 poster template, be sure you don’t miss out on our other poster designs.


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