Free CV Template for Photoshop & Illustrator

My brother is studying economics at university.

This weekend he was assigned the task of writing a CV aimed at landing him a post-graduate job.

As I spoke with him and offered my help, he told me told me something quite startling. So startling in fact that it spurred the idea for this free template.

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He told me that for this assignment, 25% of the mark would be awarded based on how the CV looked. Yes, you heard me correctly – one quarter of the mark was purely down to the aesthetics of his CV design.

It sounds absurd, but after a few moments thinking about it, it actually makes sense.

As a designed, you’ve probably heard of the kid who recently delivered his CV in donut packaging. Absolutely genius. Why? Because these days, attention is everything. You get one chance to make an impression and if you don’t, you’re out the door.

In a world filled with so much unemployment, even the smallest of businesses are inundated with dozens, if not hundreds of CVs.

It’s your job to stand out. And that’s why we’ve created this free CV template for Photoshop & Illustrator.

Whilst I’m sure as a designer, you can create your own good looking’ CVs, you never know when a last minute opportunity may pop up.

That’s why we’ve created this free template. And even if you can create your own, sometimes it’s just quicker to use a template!

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  1. Neil Bird

    The more clients I get, the more I hear the question, what qualifications do you have to do what you do…?
    Isn’t it always the case as a designer, that your own stuff are always put on the back burner for a job to do another day. Well this is true for me. So this template will be useful… ready for the day I need to provide contact and qualification details to gain a client.
    It’s my favourite colour combo – so I don’t even need to change the colouring! Good times.
    Cheers Adam ! I’ll put it on file for that day that I need to do one.

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