Free Invoice Template for Photoshop & Illustrator

For many freelance designers, invoice design is an after thought. The same way that hair dressers often don't have fancy hair styles, or landscapers have unkept gardens, designers often neglect their own personal branding.

And there's good reason for it – you want to spend all your time and energy focussed on the client and producing the best work possible. By the time you've finished, you want to rest. Not design an invoice.

But when you offer a professional service to professional clients, it's imperative that you look and act professional. This applies to all aspects of your business, from the way you handle yourself on social media to the look and feel of your invoices.

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After all, your client is placing their trust in you to get the job done. And the larger the client, the more demanding they are of your professionalism, and the easier they are to spook.

Designing these corporate-style documents such as invoices and receipts can certainly be a bore, especially when you've a mountain of client work to get through. So we've knocked up this free invoice template for Photoshop & Illustrator to give you a running head start with your own invoice designs.

The design captures a very corporate feel, with a boxy tabled layout dissecting a variety of information.

There's space for your logo, address, invoice details, payment methods, barcodes, QR codes, client details and a complete breakdown of the services provided. In short, it features everything an invoice template needs.

The template is a standard A4 size, meaning you can easily print it on your office printer with standard a4 paper.

Included in the download are both Photoshop & Illustrator files, each of which come in two colour schemes.

What do you think of this freebie? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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