50+ FREE Vector Flyer Templates for Pro Designers

Free Vector Flyer Templates

These Free Vector Flyer Templates are an ideal resource for any professional graphic designer. Whether you’re in need of a design for a local hotel, school, sports club or community centre, one of these free flyer design templates is sure to come in useful.

Each of these free vector templates come in Adobe Illustrator format, with stock photos included. They also come in Photoshop PSD formats too, giving you extra flexibility, which for a free download, is pretty good value!

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Also, thanks to the vector-based nature of these flyer templates, they can be used in other non-Adobe software as well. For instance, as vector Ai files, you could open them in programs likes CorelDraw – even though they’re not .CDR templates.

Benefits of Vector Flyer Templates

When compared to other formats, like Photoshop, for example, vector flyer templates are a far superior option. The key difference between vector graphics and raster files like PSDs, is that vectors can scale infinitely without pixelating or losing quality.

This is an ideal feature for your flyer templates. Most of these free downloads are offered at either 5×7”, A5, A4 or A3 dimensions. If you want to use the designs at a larger dimension and scale them as much larger banners and billboards, with vectors you can.

Heck, with a vector flyer template, you could scale it up to the size of a skyscraper without it pixelating!

What can I use these flyer templates for?

There’s a wide selection of flyer designs included in this round-up. We’ve got designs for small businesses, corporate clients, hotels, sports clubs, religious activities, community groups and more. Each template is easily editable, meaning you can customize the text & images to match your event.

As per the file licenses section, you can use these templates for pretty much anything you want. Use them in client work without attribution and earn some extra cash, or just use them for your own learning and entertainment.

1. Free Driving School Flyer/Poster Template

Free Driving School Vector Flyer Template

This clean-cut, professional driving flyer template is a great way to help your client stand out. The bold orange and black colour scheme give you a quick and easy option to integrate core brand colours. Along with the flyer design, this free download also includes a DL rack card template.

This template is perfect for driving schools, car washes, car detailing services & any other automobile related project.

2. Free Kid's Cycling Flyer Template

Free Kid's Cycling Flyer Template

Editing these free flyers is really easy. The large colour blocks and simple layout elements give you a shortcut to integrating your client's brand elements and service information.

Soft round corners and a playful style make this template perfect for schools, kid's playgroups & childcare services.

3. Free Business Seminar Flyer Template

Free Business Seminar Flyer Template

Big & bold. If you're looking to make an impact with a clear & simple design, look no further than this readymade flyer. Large titles, easy-to-place images and a 2-tone colour scheme for maximum effect.

This free vector flyer template is ideal for promoting marketing events, seminars and industry conventions.

4. Free Pet Service Flyer Template

Free Pet Service Flyer Template

Big & bold. If you're looking to make an impact with a clear & simple design, look no further than this readymade flyer. Large titles, easy-to-place images and a 2-tone colour scheme for maximum effect.

From pet shops to vet clinics, these templates are perfect for businesses that specialise in caring for a furry friends.

5. Free Children's Charity Flyer Template

Free Children's Charity Flyer Template

Cute & cuddly, this free vector flyer is adorned with a child's teddy bear but also packed with plentiful options to customise and make your own.

From schools & kindergartens to toy-drives & parties, this kid-friendly template is ideal for anything to do with kids.

6. Free Nightclub Flyer Template

Free Nightclub Flyer Template in Vector & PSD

It's rare to find a Free Nightclub Flyer Template as slick as this. This template can be utilised for a wide range of upscale events; from spring break and summer parties to weekend nightclub gigs. Truly a design for even your most discerning of clientele.

This free vector flyer template is ideal for upmarket clubs, bars & high-hend hospitality venues.

7. Free Check-In Flyer Template

Free Check-In Flyer Template

These free check-in templates are a great way to encourage customers to check-in to a business location on social media. Whilst we've displayed them here as flyer designs, they also make great table tents!

This free template is a great choice for a wide range of hospitality businesses; like hotels, bars, restaurants & cafes.

8. Free Super Sunday Flyer Template

Free Super Sunday Flyer Template PSD & Vector

Promoting Super Sunday Specials – or any other special, for that matter – is simply with these easy-to-customise football & sports bar templates.

As I've already said, these templates are the perfect choice for sports bars & American-football themed promotions.

9. Free Female Fitness Flyer Template

Free Female Fitness Flyer Template

These female fitness flyer templates are a great way to advertise sporting activities in gyms & fitness centres. The pink colours can be easily customised should you want these flyers for more masculine promotions.

These free templates are ideal gyms, yoga classes, aerobics & fitness clubs.

10. Free Summer Party Flyer Template

Free Summer Party Flyer Template

It was the summer of sixty-nine, oh, yeah! Well, at least when it comes to these free flyer templates. A clean, simple & energetic design for summer parties & festivals to advertise their event.

As vector flyers, these templates are well-suited to festivals & clubs which may look to print large scale banners.

11. Free American Football Flyer Template

Free American Football Flyer Template

This double-sided vector flyer template was designed for today's modern sports bars to promote local college football games. The front of the flyer features a rushing football player, whilst the back-side presents a specials menu layout & iPhone app promotion.

Few free templates are more well-suited than this for sports bars and local college football teams.

12. Free Stout Beer Flyer Template

Free Stout Beer Flyer Template

Whether you're promoting a St. Patrick's Day party or an Irish-stout discount, these free templates enable you to create professional grade bar flyers in just a matter of minutes.

these free flyer templates are a match made in Ireland for Irish bars, wherever in the world they may be.

13. Free Cinco de Mayo Flyer Template

Free Cinco de Mayo Flyer Template

If our premium Cinco de Mayo or Dia De Los Muertos templates don't do it for you, these free versions are the next best thing. Simple, easy-to-edit and guaranteed to impress your clients.

The traditional Mexican theme & Aztex design elements make these templates well-suited to Mexican restaurants & taquerias.

14. Free Eid Template Here

Free Eid Vector Flyer Template

Promote Eid al Fitr and Eid al Adha celebrations with this free Eid flyer template. Its Islamic design style also makes it suitable for a variety of Muslim promotions, such as Hajj, Umrah, Ramadan and Maghrib.

An ideal template for mosques, community centres and Islamic schools to advertise & promote Muslim holidays.

15. Free Christmas Flyer Template

Free Christmas Flyer Template

Christmas may be some time away, but it's always worth keeping your designer toolkit stocked up and ready. Featuring an ugly-sweater theme, these free flyer templates are a great alternative to traditional Christmas themed designs.

These templates are ideal for fashion boutiques, local bars, universities and of course – the yearly office Christmas party.

16. Free Camping Flyer Template

Free Camping Flyer Template Vector

The flexible layout and simplistic design styles make these templates useful for much more than camping stores and adventure gear outlets. A quick change of the colours, header image and logo gives you a completely unique design.

These flyer templates will come in particularly useful as magazine advertisements and in-store promotions for large retail outlets.

17. Free Portfolio Poster Template

Free Portfolio Poster Template in PSD & Vector

If you're a designer working in the print industry, advertising your skills on a large printed banner can be an interesting way to showcase your abilities. Whether as an office poster or a mailer to your clients, this free flyer is a fun add-on for any design professional.

A fun design for graphic design agencies, printing services and freelancers to showcase their design prowess.

18. Free Aerobic Flyer Template

Free Aerobic Poster Template

Create empowering graphics for women's yoga classes and fitness clubs with these striking flyer templates. The modern design style and practical layouts pretty much guarantee a professionally finished flyer. Just edit the text!

Perfect for yoga studios, fitness centres, aerobics classes & pilates groups.

19. Free Fitness Flyer Template

Free Fitness Flyer Template Vector

With its blue colour scheme, this second fitness freebie focusses more on the masculine side of sport. Quickly & easily create flyers & posters to promote fitness classes in gyms & sports centres.

An ideal template for local gyms, sports centres, fitness classes & other mens health clubs.

20. Free Juice Bar Flyer Template

Free Juice Bar Flyer Template Vector

What's more hipster than a juice bar? A free flyer template for a juice bar, of course! This hand-illustrated template was meant to be a premium pack, but after a little back and forth, we decided to it'd be better as a freebie. It's since become one of our most popular!

A flexible design for juice bars (of course), cafes, restaurants & other healthy food businesses.

21. Free Business Coach Flyer Template

Free Business Coach Flyer Template Vector

A design like this is simple and somewhat boring, but on the other hand, that also makes it flexible, practical and useful for a range of clients. Most importantly, though, a simple design makes it very easy to customise.

this design is ideal for low-budget corporate clients & local small businesses that're looking for a quick, no-frills design.

22. Free Travel Agency Flyer Template

Free Travel Agency Flyer Template

Things may be on the way out for the traditional high street travel agent, but when it comes to this design, things are very much in. A clean, modern & functional design ideal for product advertisements, mini-catalogues and multiple package listings.

A perfect choice for local small businesses, retail stores and service providers.

23. Free Mobile App Flyer Template

Free Mobile App Flyer Template

When it comes to software products, like mobile apps, an offline promotion method can be highly effective at driving new sign-ups, especially when a product is business-specific (like a bank app). Take for instance this free mobile app poster – a few of these stuck up near where customers queue for service could have a huge impact on driving new app installs. Give it a try – after all, it's free!

Designed with local brick-and-mortar businesses in mind, as well as app development firms and creative agencies.

24. Free Mobile App Flyer Template v2

Free Mobile App Flyer Template Vector

Just as with the previous flyer I mentioned, this free vector template can also be an ideal way to promote online software-based products with an offline strategy. As they're free, you've nothing to lose in downloading and trying them out.

Designed with local brick-and-mortar businesses in mind, as well as app development firms and creative agencies.

25. Free Mobile App Flyer Template v2

Free Mobile App Flyer Template Vector

in the words of DJ Khaled, “Another one”. Yes, free mobile app templates are somewhat popular here on BrandPacks, almost as popular as our premium range.

Designed with local brick-and-mortar businesses in mind, as well as app development firms and creative agencies..

26. Free Night Market Flyer Template

Free Night Market Flyer Template

We made this freebie for people who liked our Farmers Market Templates, but took a more minimal approach. This style is proving very popular with younger creatives, especially in Asia, though the template itself is a popular choice the world over.

Perfect for local farmers markets, organic food fairs, clothing & toy drives, non-profit events and farm-to-table foodrestaurant promotions.

27. Free Potluck Flyer Template

Free Potluck Flyer Template Vector

With a very similar minimal line-art design style to the previously mentioned template, this flyer can be used in many of the same projects. With that said, we think this template is well-suited to community cookouts and pot luck get-togethers.

An ideal template for large families, community groups and local churches to create advertisements and invitations for cookouts & potlucks.

28. Free Gardening Flyer Template

Free Gardening Flyer Template Vector

Just as with all the other free vector flyer templates in this list, you're not limited in how you use it. For instance, it's probably not too often that you'll be working for a gardener, so if you remove the floral elements from this design, you're left with a highly-practical layout for a wide range of clients. See what I mean?

Ideal for gardeners and landscaping services, as well as any other local service provider.

29. Free Farmers Market Flyer Template

Free Farmers Market Flyer Template

This free flyer is just one part of a larger pack, which also includes free DL card templates for promoting farmers markets and organic products. However, as well as being ideal for market events, I think a design like this would really suit in-store food advertisements.

Perfect for local farmers markets, but equally as good for cafes and grocery stores to promote specific food produce items.

30. Free Fitness Flyer Template

Free Fitness Flyer Template Vector

The duotone colour scheme creates a hyper-modern feeling in this free sports flyer. As a result, this design can be used to create professional designs for today's modern fitness classes with just a few minutes editing.

Ideal for sports clubs, crossfit groups & fitness centres to promote high-intesity workout sessions.

31. Free Yoga Flyer Template

Free Yoga Flyer Template Vector

We already have some very popular yoga design templates here on BrandPacks, so we thought why not put out some freebies? And we did, and as it happens, they've become one of our most popular free templates, not least because of their incredible flexible design style and layout.

A perfect for design for local yoga classes & female-focussed fitness centres. Simple, clean, modern & easy to customise!

32. Free Wine Event Flyer Template

Free Wine Event Flyer Template Vector

Flyers & posters for wine events needn't be as snobby as the wine enthusiasts themselves… they can be clean, modern, minimal & understated just like this design. Heck, remove the line-art wine illustrations and you've got yourself a highly-flexible flyer design layout that can be used for a multitude of design projects.

Perfect for wineries, local food guides and restaurant event flyers. Also ideal as a magazine advertisement.

33. Free Church Event Flyer Template

Free Church Event Flyer Template Vector

With church attendance declining year over year, anything you can do to boost your local congregation will help. For example, this modern church event flyer template could be used to promote fun church activities to youth parishioners, without feeling overly “churchy”.

Ideal for churches, local community groups, non-profits and charities.

34. Free Kid's School Flyer Template

Free Kid's School Flyer Vector

The fun background illustrations add a childish design element which is perfectly suited to a Kid's School themed template like this. Perfect for promoting classes, after-school activities, outward bound adventures and other school-related events. Moreover, it's all done with a fantastically child-friendly design style. Enjoy!

Perfect for schools, kids clubs, after school care services and kindergartens.

35. Free Freelancer Flyer Template

Free Freelancer Flyer Template Vector

Just as the portfolio poster template I listed earlier, this template is an excellent choice for freelancers who're looking for alternative ways to promote their skills. The example trifolds and business cards can be replaced with your own designs, along with the picture of the person, obviously!

Ideal for freelancers, small design studios and local print shops to promote their services to local business clients.

36. Free Fashion Flyer Template

Free Fashion Flyer Template Vector

This free fashion template is one of my favourites, and our users would agree. However, just as the free vector flyer templates above (and as I've already pointed out), with a quick nip n' tuck, this design could be used for just about everything. quickly and easily swap images, text areas, fonts and more.

An excellent choice for local fashion boutiques and retailers, as well as thrift stores and forward-thinking charity shops.

37. Free Organic Market Flyer Template

Free Organic Market Flyer Template Vector

In this template, two popular themes have been combined: farmers markets and mobile apps. Whether or not there is a client out there who'll find this design useful, there's certainly a bunch of elements included in the template that we're sure you will.

Ideal for local farmers markets, cafes & delis with organic produce.

38. Free Portfolio Flyer Template

Free Portfolio Flyer Template Vector

Displaying your works in a unique format like this can be a great way to distinguish yourself from the crowd when applying for graphic design related roles. Alternatively, sticking them up around your office or workplace for clients to see can also help inspire confidence.

A fun flyer for freelancers and creative agencies, as well as local printing services.

39. Free Quotation Form Template

Free Quotation Form Template Vector

This free vector template is not really a flyer, but that shouldn't negate its usefulness. This free template provides everything you need to create branded quotations to new clients. All text elements, colours & images are editable.

This template is better suited to creative professionals, like designers and developers.

40. Free CV Template

Free CV Template Vector

Again, just like the previous template, this one is also not really a “flyer design” per se, but it is still a very useful A4 sized template. This time around, it's for CVs, helping you put together a design that'll stand out from the crowd.

This template is better suited to creative professionals, like designers and developers.

41. Free Dental Flyer Template

Free Dental Flyer Template Vector

This free dental clinic flyer template is useful for much more than just dentistry clients – in fact, you could use this design for the whole medical industry. All colours, text and images are editable, meaning you can easily customise it for a wide range of clients.

Perfect for dentists, doctors, hospitals, plastic surgeries & any other medical client.

42. Free Kid's Ballet Flyer Template

Free Kid's Ballet Flyer Template Vector

Amongst this huge list of free vector flyer templates, this one is in there with my favourites. Whilst we've used the layout to showcase a children's ballet class, this template is actually one of the most flexibles designs we have. The large circles, plentiful text and simple colour scheme are fantastic for customisation.

Perfect for schools, kindergartens, kids clubs and children's after school care services.

43. Free Multipurpose Business Flyer Template

Free Multipurpose Business Flyer Template

Looking for a free multipurpose business flyer template? Look no further than this. Simple, modern and easy-to-customize, you'll struggle to find a more functional free business flyer template. Simply download, edit the text, swap in your own photos and you're good to go!

An ideal choice for any corporate or small business clients.

44. Free Photography Flyer Template

Free Photography Flyer Template Vector

This simple yet refined design offers up a shortcut to creating high-end flyers for photography professionals. Add a small logo, contact info, replace the photo placeholders and you're ready for print.

An ideal template for photographers, videographers and high-end studios.

45. Free Wedding Flyer Template

Free Wedding Flyer Template Vector

If you're trying to save your clients money on their wedding stationery, this free wedding flyer template is an excellent place to start. As its a vector, you can scale it as big or small as you need. Furthermore, the download includes a menu, RSVP card and invitation, too!

An ideal template for brides, grooms & wedding venues!

46. Free Creative Flyer Template

Free Creative Flyer Template Vector

If you need a quick n' easy template for a quick n' easy design job, this free flyer could get you wrapped up in no time at all. Its simple layouts give you maximum flexibility, with a dash of colour & creative illustration.

The simple layout and easy-to-edit colours make this free template suitable for a wide range of corporate/business design projects.

47. Free Moving House Flyer Template

Free Moving House Flyer Template Vector

Created with removals & delivery services in mind, this template blends professional design with a fun cartoon style. The large delivery man illustration can quite easily be removed, leaving a multifunctional design for a range of clients.

Ideal for house moving & removals services, delivery firms & logistics companies.

48. Free Horizontal Flyer Template

Free Horizontal Flyer Template Vector

Ok, so the correct name for this template should be “Landscape Flyer Template”, however, “horizontal” still does the job. It's clean corporate style and singular accent colour, this template can be used in any number of projects.

Well-suited to large corporate clients & professional services like consultants, accountants and lawyers.

49. Free Real Estate Flyer Template

Free Real Estate Flyer Template Vector

We might only have a small selection of real estate templates here on BrandPacks, however, they're actually amongst our most popular. This freebie is an ideal layout for realtors to display available houses in shop windows, or to hand out during open house events.

Of course, this design is ideal for realtors, real estate agencies & open hosue events.

50. Free Car Wash Flyer Template

Free Car Wash Flyer Template Vector

This squeaky-clean car wash flyer template is a stylish way to promote car detailing specials, charity car wash events and available valeting services.

Perfect for car detailers, car washes, garages & valeting services.

51. Free Invoice Template

Free Invoice Template Vector

As with the proposal/quotation sheet I shared earlier, this template is also not technically a “flyer template”. Though is A4 sized, vector format & a template download – so in my book, it ticks enough boxes.

Ideal for freelancers and creative professionals who're comfortable creating multi-item invoices & bills in Photoshop or Illustrator.

52. Free Wedding Flyer Template v2

Free Wedding Flyer Template Vector

This elegant free wedding flyer template makes designing wedding flyers & invites easy. The page features a beautiful vintage style border, with a simple central text area for invitation details, menu layouts & general wedding details.

Perfect for designers who often produce wedding stationery, or for DIY couples looking to create their own wedding invites.

53. Free A4 Shop Flyer Template

Free A4 Shop Flyer Template Vector

This free flyer was one of the first freebies on BrandPacks, produced many years ago. And as with all our other templates, this design has also stood the test of time. With that said, the design is clean, modern & very easy to customise, with a touch of texture provided by the subtle leather-pattern overlay.

Ideal for local stores & retailers to advertise product discounts and seasonal sales with instore flyers, posters & magazine advertisements.

54. Free A4 Poster/Flyer Template

Free A4 Poster/Flyer Template Vector

Another free vector flyer template which released many moons ago. Again, this template has also stood the test of time; its design is just as practical today as it was when we released it. Easily add your own images, text and important information for a variety of products & services.

An ideal choice for retailers & specialist service providers to promote their offerings via flyers, posters & magazine advertisements.

55. Free A4 Poster/Flyer Template

Free A4 Poster/Flyer Template Vector

What sort of website with this many print-ready templates wouldn't have a freebie just for print shops, eh? This free print shop flyer template features a bold and unique style that's sure to catch your customer's attention. Use it to promote print bundles, promotional prices or the graphic design services your print shop offers. Also, don't miss our premium Print Shop Templates Pack.

Perfect for local print shops & printing services, as well as graphic designers with add-on print packages.

56. Free Event Flyer Template

Free Event Vector Flyer Template

Last but not least: these templates provide a multifunctional based to create unique posters & flyers for community events and festivals. For example, use this design to promote cookouts, music festivals, community gathers or even bible studies.

Original created for churches, these free flyers are perfect for community groups, non-profit organisations and charities.

The Bottom Line

As you can probably see from the above list, when it comes to free vector flyer templates, BrandPacks have got you covered.

Moreover, we don't just create highly-useful vector templates, we also include editable Photoshop PSD files and free stock photos as standard. In other words, you'll struggle to find better elsewhere!

Likewise, don't feel bad about using templates. Being creative is a graphic designer's job, but you can't be at your most creative all of the time. Sometimes you just need a helping hand, and that's exactly where readymade templates come into the picture.

More than just vector flyer templates

Our goal here on BrandPacks is to be a print designer's best-hidden asset. Whilst we've got a terrific selection of vector flyer templates, you needn't just limit yourself to the freebies. For example, we've got a huge selection of premium:

So don't just hang around here. Check out our full range of templates, and if you're ready to download them all, join BrandPacks today.

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50+ Free Vector Flyer Templates

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