Brandpacks Testimonial - Brian Ashmore

"Within minutes of joining you guys I’d downloaded a template and customized it for my client. That one job paid for my entire year of membership, thanks!"

- Brian Ashmore, Freelance Designer
Brandpacks Testimonial - Daniel Martinez

"I love being able to use your designs in my printing business. Our customers are always surprised by the quality of work we can produce at such competitive rates."

- Daniel Martinez, Freelance Designer
Brandpacks Testimonial - Scott Wright

"It’s great to finally find a template website offering both Photoshop & Illustrator files. Having the vector-based Illustrator files is a massive help!"

- Scott Wright, Freelance Designer
Brandpacks Testimonial - Jessica Nelson

"My favourite thing about BrandPacks is that you include stock photos in the templates. It saves me so much time not having to find & edit my own images."

- Jessica Nelson, Freelance Designer