25 Best Magazine Templates for InDesign

Best Magazine Templates for InDesign

Digital is everywhere you look, but nothing beats the look and feel of a high-quality magazine. Unlike an e-zine on a tablet, a magazine on print delivers a unique tactile and visual experience. If that's what your client demands, then we have exactly what you need!

Our curated list features 25 of the best premium layouts thus far. Each Adobe InDesign layout gives you everything needed to achieve spectacular results. For instance, the margins and bleeds are already set. That means less work for you and more time spent pleasing your clients with an amazing design.

Why Use InDesign Magazine Templates?

A well-designed example is sure to knock the socks off of any client, but getting there takes time and effort. With an InDesign template, you won't have to start from square one. Instead, you'll have the hard work of creating a fantastic layout ahead of you. As a result, you'll get through your workflows faster and with less hassle.

Also, don't forget how easy InDesign makes it to edit and adjust layouts. You'll have an entire suite of powerful tools at your command. Plus, InDesign also works with Illustrator and other programs in the Adobe family. That makes it easier than ever to save time and be more creative.

Dive into our collection of the Best Magazine Templates for InDesign

1. Luxury Brown Magazine Layout

Luxury Brown Magazine Layout

Here's an elegant magazine layout for InDesign with plenty of classical touches. You'll find 16 easy-to-edit pages within.

2. Modern Photography Portfolio Layout

Modern Photography Portfolio Layout

A great layout for shutterbugs of all types, but versatile enough for other uses, too.

3. Brown Magazine Layout

Brown Magazine Layout

Another elegant layout that's perfect for fashion, photography, and much more. Includes 16 pages in A4 and US Letter sizes.

4. Yeah City Guide Cultural Lifestyle Book with Interviews

Yeah City Guide Cultural Lifestyle Book with Interviews

A bold and expressive magazine layout with an oh-so-urban look and feel. Features 20 editable pages in A4 size.

5. Far Far Away Travel Magazine

Far Far Away Travel Magazine

Readers can get away from it all and immerse themselves in this magazine layout. Also includes 7 original photos.

6. Fun and Uniqueness Magazine

Fun and Uniqueness Magazine

You'll have fun working with this unique and expressive layout. It's also a big one at a whopping 48 pages.

7. Modern Magazine Layout with Colorful Accents

Modern Magazine Layout with Colorful Accents

Vivid pastel accents set the tone for this energetic yet elegant layout. Includes 20 pages of creative possibilities.

8. Fashion Magazine Layout

Fashion Magazine Layout

This fashion-oriented layout lets your images take center stage. Includes 16 pages in A4 size and CMYK color.

9. Green Modern Magazine Layout

Green Modern Magazine Layout

A minimalist layout with plenty of exciting visual details. Perfect for a wide variety of subjects.

10. Scientific and Cultural Magazine

Scientific and Cultural Magazine

A clean and minimalist layout with plenty of potential. Perfect for cultural and scientific subjects.

11. Red Modern Magazine Layout

Red Modern Magazine Layout

A classy layout with just the right amount of sass. Features 16 engaging pages to edit and make your own.

12. Magazine Layout

Magazine Layout

This one's geared towards travel, but it's also versatile enough for other projects, too. Clean, minimalist, and ready to print.

13. Fashion Magazine Layout

Fashion Magazine Layout

Here's an innovative layout that lets you unleash your creativity. You'll enjoy the bold colors and dynamic photo placeholders.

14. Minimalist Magazine Layout

Minimalist Magazine Layout

If you're looking for a soothing, yet engaging layout, this one's for you. Features 18 pages in two document sizes.

15. Minimal Magazine Layout

Minimal Magazine Layout

This magazine template for InDesign is about as clean as it gets. The perfect choice for clients with minimalist tastes.

16. Business Magazine Layout

Business Magazine Layout

You'll impress corporate clients with this clean, balanced, and professional layout. Includes 21 pages in A4 size.

17. Fashion Magazine Layout

Fashion Magazine Layout

Here's a flexible template that makes good use of its earthy accents. Perfect for any publication.

18. Clean and Simple Magazine Layout

Clean and Simple Magazine Layout

This layout lets your photos do most of the talking. You'll have 20 well-designed pages at your disposal.

19. Magazine Layout

Magazine Layout

A colorful, yet professional layout that offers great readability. Includes 24 pages in two document sizes.

20. Fashion Magazine Layout

Fashion Magazine Layout

“Flashy” is the right word for this amazing magazine template for InDesign. You'll have 20 incredible pages to explore.

21. Modern Fashion Magazine Layout

Modern Fashion Magazine Layout

Fall in love with this avant-garde template. You'll discover 16 pages of well-organized layouts with unique headers and much more.

22. Black Photography Portfolio Layout

Black Photography Portfolio Layout

Black is the new black with this distinctive magazine template. This layout features plenty of striking details.

23. Modern Magazine Layout

Modern Magazine Layout

Stylish, elegant, and vivid. This magazine template is hard to beat for its creative layout and stunning black accents.

24. Magazine Layout

Magazine Layout

A simple, modern template that also impresses with its richness. Features great balance and a practical paragraph layout.

25. Architecture Magazine Layout

Architecture Magazine Layout

Clean, simple, and professional. A minimalist layout that's perfect for a broad range of creative projects.

Final Thoughts on the Best Magazine Templates for InDesign

That wraps up our look at the 25 best magazine templates for Adobe InDesign. No matter what your clients have in mind, there's always a template out there that's a perfect fit. All that's needed, of course, is your creativity.

But, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your next InDesign layout. For instance, consider the subject matter. While there are plenty of versatile layouts out there, some offer a better fit than others. The last thing you need is to spend hours making drastic changes to a layout to make it fit your subject matter.

Also, pay attention to image quality. After all, your photos will make up half of your magazine content, in most cases. Use only high-quality images to reduce grain and other unwanted imperfections.

Finally, your clients may want a digital version to go with their printed project. That's easy to do with InDesign's PDF and EPUB file creation capabilities. That way, you can create immersive content that looks as good as print.

These templates are only the tip of the iceberg, so sound off in the comments if you want more. Also, let us know if you've found a great template or two that you want to share. After all, we're always searching for new and exciting treats for our fellow designers.

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