7 NYE Photo Booth Templates for New Year’s Eve Parties

New Year's Eve Photo Booth Templates

For today's resource round-up, we're looking at the best photo booth templates for New Year's Eve events. These glamorous designs are ideal for just about any new year party, anywhere in the world.

Readymade templates like these are an ideal way to produce professional quality designs with just a few minutes work. Even if you're an amateur Photoshop user (which most photo booth owners are), you'll still find these easy-to-use templates a breeze to use.

On the other hand, if you're a professional designer working on behalf of a photo booth services, you'll be glad to have these templates at your disposal.

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Why You Should Download These Templates:

In the run up to NYE, us graphic designers are snowed-under with a pile of seasonal projects. We're tasked with projects for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all at the same time, with New Year's Eve thrown on top.

Thankfully, though, New Year marks an end to the seasonal rush, and by filling up our designer's toolbox with seasonal templates, we can lighten the load of this winter madness, and produce client-pleasing designs without breaking a sweat.

So, let's get to it, with this collection of NYE Photo Booth Templates in Photoshop PSD. Guaranteed to give you a lift when this year's NYE projects are piling up. Enjoy!

1. NYE Party Photo Booth Template

New Year's Eve Party Photo Booth Template

With its black & gold colours and excessive flair, this NYE Party Photo Booth Template is perfect for gala dinners, charity fundraisers, inner city balls and of course, new year’s eve events.

The design features a black studded leather pattern in the background, with golden party balloons entwined throughout.

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2. NYE Photo Booth Template

NYE Photo Booth Template

This NYE photo booth template features a minimal design style that is timelessly chic & practical. It’ll become a mainstay in your toolbox for many years to come.

The background of the template is made up of a dark satin fabric texture, with elegantly thin golden text over the top.

This balance of decadence & minimalism is what makes this design so timeless; ideal for a range of bookings, not just NYE parties.

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3. New Year's Eve Photo Booth Template

New Year's Eve Photo Booth Template

Confetti overlays add explosive energy to this design, whilst 3D studded leather patterns create an oversized background.

Add to this the black and gold colour scheme and you’ve got an energetic design ideal for NYE parties & nightclub events.

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4. After Party Photo Booth Template

After Party Photo Booth Template

This design is glamorous & energetic, making it the perfect choice for nightclubs, after parties, NYE events and other nightlife celebrations.

The background features a simple pattern of gold cheverons, with a large title area for the name of your client’s event.

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5. Free Art Deco Photo Booth Template

Free Art Deco Photo Booth Template

These free art deco photo booth templates are the glamourpuss layouts you’ve been looking for.

Similarly, their elegant & sophisticated style makes them a suitable choice for upmarket establishments. Cocktail bars, luxury hotels, high-end nightclubs & exclusive parties would all do well with their logo on a design like this.

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6. Art Deco Photo Booth Template

Art Deco Photo Booth Template

Straight out of the roaring 20s, this Art Deco template is perfect for Great Gatsby style parties & vintage inspired events.

The intricately delicate Art Deco details with lavish black & gold colours come together for a glamorous, chic & luxurious design.

It’s perfect for parties, weddings, nightclubs, cocktail bars & more.

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7. Turquoise Glamour Photo Booth Template

Turquoise Glamour Photo Booth Template

This multipurpose photo booth template balances glamorous style with a practical layout, based on vintage Art Deco tiles, with a Gatsby infused character. ?This template is ideal for fancy events at hotels and bars, such as fundraisers, weddings corporate parties, and of course, New Year's Eve events.

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