12+ Stylish Christmas Menu Templates for Festive Dining

Stylish Christmas Menu Templates

Believe or not, Christmas menu templates are amongst our most popular downloads on BrandPacks.

There’s good reason though: they’re a stylish touch for any Christmas dinner.

Whether for a restaurant or home cooked meal, editable menus like these help you to create elegant Christmas layouts in no time at all.

Doing so not only furthers a memorable dining experience, but it also shows you pay attention to the smallest of details.

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For restaurants in particular, this is important. Custom menus offer a unique opportunity to integrate one’s own branding, whilst also adding to the festive vibe.

And of course, when customers are spending a small fortune on lunch, custom menus are the least you can do to impress. Not to mention, with readymade templates like these, you'll have printable menus in minutes.

Elegant, Editable & Easy-To-Use

Fancy though these templates may be, they’re exceptionally easy to edit. The template files are well organised and have been built with edibility in mind. So whether you’re an amateur crafter or professional designer, you'll find these layouts a breeze to use.

Each template comes in both PSD & Vector format. As so, you'll need either Photoshop or Illustrator to edit them.

Shall we get on with the show? Here's the top Christmas Menu Templates currently available to download on BrandPacks:

Christmas Menu Template

Christmas Menu Templates

This design was our first Christmas Menu to be published on BrandPacks. Not only has it become our #1 Christmas themed menu, it's actually become one of our top selling products overall!

Christmas DL Card Menu Template

Christmas DL Menu Template

This DL card is in the same set of designs as the item listed above. The DL size is much better suited to smaller Christmas set menus, and can be elegantly laid on top a plate before service begins.

Christmas Menu Vol.2

Christmas Menu Template Vol.2

With its large reindeer & Christmas decorations, this design balances laidback fun with elegant traditional.

Christmas DL Lunch Flyer

Christmas Lunch Flyer

Again, we have a smaller DL version of the previous design. It still features the large reindeer & Christmas gift illustrations, but with a more compact text layout.

Christmas Menu Template Vol.3

Christmas Menu Template Vol.3

Although this is the third Christmas Menu to be released on BrandPacks, it's actually the second most-downloaded. It's easy to see why: the design is stylish, modern & tasteful, with touches of deep red colour to break up the black & white theme.

Christmas DL Menu Vol.3

DL Christmas Menu Vol.3

A striking red ribbon and large illustrations add eye-catching flare to this compact design. Ideal as both Christmas menu layout and promotional flyer.

Rustic Christmas Menu Templates

Rustic Christmas Menu Templates

New for 2019, this Christmas menu template is decorated with a border of dried twig & red berry illustrations. The rustic theme is ideal for any type of hospitality businesses. From upscale hotels and fine dining restaurants, to cafe bars and local pubs.

Rustic Christmas DL Menu Templates

Rustic Christmas DL Menu Template

This DL card does an amazing job to integrate a practical menu into one compact space, whilst keeping the large rustic illustrations.

Ornate Christmas Menu Templates

Ornate Christmas Menu Templates

Featuring a classic Christmas colour scheme of red & gold, these Ornate Christmas Menus are a practical choice for any upscale eatery. They'd look even more impressive if the gold gradient was foil printed!

Ornate Christmas DL Flyer

Ornate Christmas DL Menu Card Template

This DL layout focuses more on informative text and a small promotional menu. It's perfect for displaying on the bar or inserting into regular menus in order to promote limited Christmas specials.

Ornate Christmas Flyer Template

Ornate Christmas Flyer Template / Table Tent

Ornate Christmas Flyer Template / Table Tent

Taken from our Ornate Christmas Menus collections, these Christmas Flyers are perfect for promoting Christmas parties, events & offers. The double-sided nature of the template means they make perfect table-tents for on-the-bar advertisements.

Rustic Christmas Flyer Template

Rustic Christmas Flyer/Table Tent Template

This flyer is elegant & practical, featuring clean and minimal text layouts. Use it to promote Christmas parties, events and offers in bars & restaurants.

Other menu templates you might find useful:

The following designs aren’t technically Christmas themed. But hey, if you’re here and looking for Christmas menus, you might also find these templates useful.

The designs listed below are some of our top-selling menu templates. They're particularly well-suited to F&B businesses of all types. Check them out and see what you think:

Cocktail Menu Template Vol.1

Cocktail Menu Template for Photoshop & Illustrator

Clean, classy & easy-to-read. This readymade cocktail menu features a flexible drink list layout with plentiful space for different types of cocktail.

Bar Menu Templates

Bar Menu Templates for Photoshop & Illustrator

This design is classy & modern, featuring a flexible layout that can be used for local pubs, tap rooms, sports bars, gastropubs & bistros. Easily add food, drinks, specials, sides & more.

Cocktail Menus Vol.3

Cocktail Menu Template Vol.3 in PSD & Vector

This cocktail menu features bright, contemporary & refreshing design which is ideal for upscale bars and hotels. It also features hand-drawn watercolour cocktail illustrations which balance the minimal theme.

Art Deco Menu Templates

Art Deco Menu Templates

These art deco style menus ooze elegance & sophistication. As a result, they're a perfect match for high-end restaurants & luxury hotels.

Art Deco Menu Templates Vol.2

Art Deco Menu Templates Vol.2

A design like this can be used all year round. Its contemporary rose gold & velvet blue colours will impress diners regardless of whether it's Christmas, New Year or just a regular weekday night.

The perfect menu template, all year round

Custom Christmas menus aren't just a novelty. They're intrinsic to an all-encompassing Christmas dinner. Whether dining in a restaurant, bar or hotel, they add an intangible quality to the experience.

They're also a fantastic way for eateries to integrate their branding in a way diners will remember. But this type of branding needn't only be limited to Christmas.

It can be achieved with any menu, any time of year.

Here on BrandPacks, we've got 100+ templates for bars, restaurants & hotels. Each template is just as to edit as the design listed here and will come in useful all year round.

Browse our entire range of editable menu templates using the button below:

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