American Diner Business Card Template for Photoshop & Illustrator

If you’ve been searching for an American Diner template, look no further than this. But first let me explain it…

When planning design concepts for an American Diner, you’d probably go straight to a red, white and blue colour scheme. Am I right?

Well I would too. So when Seth (our lead designer) sent over these toothpaste green and hot pink designs, I was immediately taken aback. Wondering why, I did a little research…

You see, being a Brit I naturally assume that anything American should be red, white and blue with some stars thrown in to boot. But when I looked at vintage photos of 1950s style diners, they have some truly exquisite colour schemes, just like this template.

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So like I said, if you’re looking for an American Diner template, look no further than this.

We’ve worked hard to ensure this template lives up to the expectations of yesteryear’s diners with a truly authentic design style. The colours, illustrations and patterns are all heavily inspired by real 50s diners and we think they look terrific..

If, however, you or your client are not impressed within element within this template, you needn’t worry. This template – and all the templates in this series – are very easy to edit and customise. So with just a few clicks you can change colours, layout, text and images. It really is quite easy!