Meet The Team

On this page, you can find out more about the people who make BrandPacks a reality. We may only be a small team, but we pack a mighty punch when working together!

Adam McIntyre

Adam McIntyre, BrandPacks
Co-Founder, Community Manager Manchester, UK

As Community Manager, Adam is responsible for keeping our members happy and up-to-date with new templates. Adam also heads site operations and is chieftain of customer support.

Got an idea for BrandPacks or need some help with a template? Use our Contact form to drop Adam a line, and he'll get back to you lickety-split.

Seth Taylor

Seth Taylor, BrandPacks
Co-Founder, Senior Designer Melbourne, Australia

Seth is a veteran designer with more than 20 years working for some of the world's top design agencies and brands.

Here at BrandPacks Seth is Head of design and responsible for ensuring the quality of our templates.

When he’s not producing world-class templates, Seth is often found hunched over his decks spinning old-skool vinyl… An artist through and through!

Orawee King

Orawee "Kingdogdog" King
Illustrator & Senior Designer Chiang Mai, Thailand

Orawee, aka King, is our in-house illustrator. She works tirelessly to produce a never ending flow of custom illustrations for use in our templates.

Every time you see a cute puppy, school kid or watercolour fruit illustration embedded in a template, you know King has been hard at work.

Patama “Mook” Patamajinda

Patama "Mook" Patamajinda
Website Developer Barcelona, Spain

Patama, aka “Mook”, is the kickass web developer who keeps BrandPacks running smoothly and looking fresh.

Originally from Bangkok, Thailand, Mook currently lives in sunny Spain, studying Spanish when she's not busy working on websites.

Patama has worked with BrandPacks since the very beginning, helping to iterate the site from a small startup idea to the thriving community website it is today. We would be lost without her!

Want to learn more about the BrandPacks story? Find out more here, or get started with some free templates!