If you love clean, modern & refreshing design templates, you’ll feel right at home here.

We’re tired of designers being left with unremarkable templates for their everyday work. That’s why we created BrandPacks – Adam McIntyre, Co-Founder

What value do we provide?

Designing brochures and menus can really suck. The work is long, boring and uncreative. Unfortunately it’s some of the most common work we’re given as designers. Our focus is to give you a head start by providing ready-made and comprehensive design templates.

Who is BrandPacks for?

We know our templates are stupid-easy to use, but that doesn’t mean we’re for everyone. Our products are created for graphic designers, illustrators and people with extensive Photoshop & Illustrator experience.

Download our free Craft Beer Menu Template if you’d like to test the product first.

Why should you trust BrandPacks?

BrandPacks is the brain child of Adam McIntyre & Seth Taylor.

Adam previously founded FlyerHeroes, a highly rated Photoshop flyer templates website which provides more than 800 flyer design templates to over 100,000 customers. It’s fair to say that Adam knows how to produce useful templates.

Seth is a career-long graphic designer & illustrator with an insatiable thirst for typography and corporate design work. Yes, you didn’t read that wrong. Seth loves to spend hour upon hour producing boring corporate brochures and menu designs.

By combining Adam’s template-making experience with Seth’s design and illustration skills, BrandPacks is able to offer the most comprehensive design templates you’ll ever need.

Download some freebies

We’re excited to start sharing our work with you and we can’t wait for you to give us a try. Why not get started by downloading this free template?


Community Manager

Adam is one of the BrandPacks co-founders and our head of marketing.

He also heads up site operations and is the chieftain of all things customer support.


Kingdog is our rockstar in-house illustrator, responsible for a never ending flow of custom illustrations to use in our templates.

King helps make every BrandPacks' template unique by creating cute characters and custom icons for every single pack.


Patama is the kickass web developer who keeps BrandPacks running smoothly and looking fresh.

Product Design & Direction

Seth is our team drinking buddy, designer and co-founder.

He is head of product and responsible for ensuring the quality of our templates.