Our Mission at BrandPacks

Adam McIntyre, Community Manager at BrandPacksHi there, friend! I'm Adam, the Community Manager at BrandPacks.com

On this page I want to share with you our mission here at BrandPacks. I'll explain exactly what we do, and why we do it.

Who are we? Why do we do what we do? Who are our templates for?

Very quickly below, I am going to answer all of these questions. But let's put it this way: BrandPacks just became your new favourite website for graphic design templates.

Our Design Ethos for Creating Templates

Since we launched in 2016, our ethos at BrandPacks has been to combine easy-to-use templates with timeless design. Quality over quantity is our middle name.

Unlike other template websites, we don't just create templates with one type of client in mind. We create templates that can be used by as wide an audience as possible.

This focus on timeless design is what makes our templates such a valuable resource for printing shops & freelance designers.

With access to our membership, members unlock a library of templates that can be used by corporate clients, hotels, restaurants, schools, churches and more. Better still? The designs we create will look just as good in 5-10 years time as they do today.

We take this ethos further by applying it to other parts of our templates too. We release every design in both Photoshop PSD and Illustrator Ai/Vector, and we don't charge extra for the privilege.

We also know that one size doesn't fit all, so we release every design in varying sizes – including flyers, posters, DL cards, tri-fold brochures & more.

By providing templates in dual software formats, multiple layouts & with timeless design styles, we believe our ethos and model produces a truly invaluable product for graphic design professionals.

Who are our templates for?

As already mentioned as part of our mission, we work hard to create timeless designs that are suitable for a wide variety of clients.

Our aim when designing a new template – for example, a Labor Day Poster Template – is to create a design that is just at home in a bar or club as it is in a restaurant, hotel or department store.

This isn't always possible for every type of design, event or niche; but we work hard to integrate this ethos into every template we make. At times challenging, but always fun.

As for using the templates themselves, our template files are created by experienced designers for freelancers, print shops and graphic design professionals.

We started BrandPacks because we were tired of the low quality templates available online. That's something we set out to change.

The BrandPacks Team

Above: the BrandPacks Team in all their glory. Learn more about our team on the Meet the Team page.

Where are you guys from?

The team at BrandPacks are from a handful of countries, and as so, we all work remotely. Seth is from Melbourne, Australia. Adam is from Manchester, England. Orawee & Mook are both from Chiang Mai, Thailand.

As circumstance would have it, in 2015 we were all living and working in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We were all designers / creative people and would regularly meet up for beers at the weekends.

After a few years of being friends and working together on freelance design projects, the idea of BrandPacks was born…

Join Us on Our Journey?

We can't fulfill our mission of creating a timeless library of easy-to-use templates all on our own.

Fulfilling this mission is only possible when designers like you are making use of our templates – know what I mean?

Now you've learned a little more about us and what we're trying to achieve on BrandPacks, why not take our templates for spin and see just how much they can help your business?

Take the next step: try our free templates here, or perhaps become a BrandPacks Member and unlock everything!