35+ Corporate Flyer Templates & Design Ideas

35+ Corporate Flyer Templates & Design Ideas

These corporate flyer templates are a great way to kickoff any business flyer design. Let's dig into our collection!

Corporate flyer design can be difficult. As a result, they're boring, type-focussed and lacking in creativity. As so, we've put together this collection of our most downloaded corporate flyer templates to lend you a helping hand.

Each of the editable business flyers featured in this article are professional, creative & perfect for small business advertisements. More often than not, large corporate clients prefer simple designs that integrate their brand, qualities which make these templates an ideal choice for corporate business flyers.

Similarly, the showcased templates are simple to use and very easy to edit. Each of these corporate flyer templates is available in both Photoshop PSD and Illustrator Ai format. If, instead, you prefer using InDesign, check out this collection of 50+ InDesign Flyer Templates on our sister site, DesignerCandies.

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How do you make a good business flyer?

At the core of any printed flyer or advert design is one task: marketing a business or service. On that account, your job as a designer is to clearly present the benefits of using said business, service or product.

So, to make a good business flyer, keep these tips in mind:

  • Clear, Concise and Legible Text

    Text should be free from distraction, preferably on clear backgrounds. Font size should stay above 7pt at a minimum, and the paragraph size should be small. On business flyers in particular, don't get carried away with too much text as most people won't read it. Instead, direct people to a website or phone number for further information.

  • Use Large Titles

    Catch the attention of potential readers by using large eye-catching titles with impactful copy. A beautiful flyer design alone won't be enough to attract readers, so pique their curiosity with large copy.

  • Integrate Your Brand Colours

    Brand colours are important for marketing materials as they connect the advert to your brand. Integrate your brand colours throughout the flyer design, avoiding off-brand colours in photos or illustrations.

  • Use Complementary Photos

    Off-brand photos quickly ruin a high quality branded flyer design. Ensure your stock photography or in-house product shots complement brand colours and voice. Note: all of the templates below come with stock photos included 🙂

Why use our corporate flyer templates?

With the above mentioned tips in mind, corporate flyer templates like the ones listed here come in exceptionally useful.

Produced to the highest of specifications, keeping all design best practices in mind, you'll save time and create better finished designs in just minutes.

Furthermore, a library of readymade designs makes it easy to give a sample to your client before starting work.

Anyway, I think that might be enough selling you on the idea of utilising these corporate flyer templates. Don't you?

I may be tooting my own trumpet (as we say in England), but I might add, the templates featured below are some rather impressive design ideas. So shall we get to the collection?

1. Recruitment Agency Flyer Template

Recruitment Agency Flyer Template

When it comes to our corporate flyer templates on BrandPacks, this design is one of my favourites. It effortlessly fuses a modern style with a practical corporate layout.

2. Corporate Flyer Template

Corporate Flyer Template

With this one, the clue is in the name and the answer in the design. Clean, modern & simple: perfect for any corporate client.

3. Construction Company Flyer Template

Construction Company Flyer Template

Typically one doesn't consider construction companies when thinking of corporate clients. This design proves modern builders can have clean corporate branding too. Large square blocks for text & images produce a highly flexible layout ideal for a range of clients.

4. Digital Marketing Flyer Template

Digital Marketing Flyer Template

Tech businesses needn't keep their marketing in the digital realms. This design shows that printed adverts can also work wonders for digital firms.

5. Health Insurance Flyer Template

Corporate Flyer Template

More proof that stereotypes can be broken. This flyer for a health insurance company breaks every rule of corporate design. It's loud, bright and refreshingly modern. Perfect for any big-business client and the investors who fund 'em.

6. Hotel Flyer Templates

Hotel Flyer / Table Tent Templates

This hotel flyer showcases products & services with well laid-out image and text placeholders. Angled image masks & colour blocks easily integrate photos & brand colours.

7. Tax Service Flyer Template

Tax Service Flyer Template

The angled lines create impressive diamond shaped placeholders and large colour blocks. These offer an easy way to blend a client's brand colours & photos into the design. As so, this template is a highly flexible choice that can be used for a variety of corporate clients.

8. Corporate Event Flyer Template

Corporate Event Flyer Template

This corporate event template is ideal for seminars, conferences, networking events and tradeshows. And did we mention its design is stylisly modern?

9. Tradesman Flyer Template

Tradesman Flyer Template

Rich burgundy colours and simple grids. This is a modern corporate flyer design that can advertise a range business services.

10. Modern Corporate Flyer Template v2

Modern Corporate Flyer Template

This design is an ideal representation of modern corporate flyer templates. Bright, energetic and packed with stylish flare. This template will impress even the most difficult of freelance clients.

11. Medical Flyer Template

Medical Flyer Template

Medical services can be difficult to design for, but this flyer bucks the trend. Expected clinical design is replaced by a contemporary style for an eye-catching, impressive medical flyer.

12. Modern Church Flyer Template

Modern Church Flyer Template

This modern church flyer is actually based on the same layout as the previously mentioned tradesman flyer (#9). It just goes to show how flexible these corporate flyer layouts can be, right?

13. Marketing Seminar Flyer Template

Marketing Seminar Flyer Template

Creating professional flyer designs for corporate business events has never been easier. A large coloured swash makes adding your own colours easy, alongside large image & plentiful text areas. What more does a business flyer need?

14. Mobile App Flyer Template

Mobile App Flyer Tempate

When online and offline worlds meet, we get design work like this. Balancing UX elements across a printed flyer, we're shown how traditional print media can be used to promote digital products.

15. Mobile App Flyer Template v2

Mobile App Flyer Template v2

Bold colours, minimal layout & utilising phone screens for printed content. The perfect way to merge two very different mediums to cleverly promote digital apps & services.

16. Photography Exhibition Flyer Template

Photography Exhibition Flyer Template

A very simple layout with a very effective design. The focus here is on the photos. Though, there's still enough text areas to thoroughly list business/service information.

17. Consultant Flyer Template

Consultant Flyer Template

Thick colour blocks, large icons, photo placeholders and multiple text paragraphs. This corporate flyer is packed with everything a business client might need. It's easy to edit, too!

18. Photography Service Flyer Template

Photography Service Flyer Template

Of all the photography templates we have here on BrandPacks, I think this one might be the most impressive. Ideal for both freelance photographers & studios.

19. Landscaper Flyer Template

Landscaper Flyer Template

A boxed layout and liberal text areas mean this template can be used for any business client or professional service.

20. Cosmetic Flyer Template

Cosmetic Flyer Template

A simple design and clutter-free layout makes for a flexible and easy to use corporate flyer. Ideal for cosmetic surgeries, health clinics, beauty spas and anyone else in search of a modern design.

21. Charity Flyer Template

Charity Flyer Template

Bountiful options exist in this template to integrate one's own branding. From logos and colours to typefaces and photos. The flexible layout provides an excellent backbone to start your design.

22. Funeral Service Flyer Template

Funeral Service Flyer Template

Funeral homes & services may be associated with age, but their branding needn't be. This flyer takes a modern approach with flat-style design, whilst still keeping reserved.

23. Hospital Flyer Template

Hospital Flyer Template

This design is as clean and professional as you'd expect the inside of a medical service or hospital to be. A perfect example of portraying professionalism in one's own branded marketing items.

24. Law Firm Flyer Template

Law Firm Flyer Template

With its duotone white & burgundy colours, this flyer design slides in perfectly as what you'd expect to see of a law firm or legal service. Simple, professional and buttoned up with tradition.

25. Real Estate Flyer Template

Real Estate Flyer Template

In the cut-throat industry of property sales, it’s important for realtors to keep their branding fresh and up to date. Our real estate templates are a great way to that.

26. Real Estate Flyer Templates Vol.3

Real Estate Flyer Templates

Here we have a clean & flexible real estate flyer. Plentiful image & text placeholders provide space for properties in a clean, corporate layout.

27. Mobile App Flyer Templates Vol.3

Mobile App Flyer / Table Tent Template

We've already covered mobile app flyers earlier on in this list. However, in this example, the layout uses bright & vibrant colours for a design that bursts with energy.

28. Print Shop Flyer Template

Print Shop Flyer Template

A design like this is a fitting choice for any store selling printed goods & services. What’s more, to tie in the print shop theme, a CMYK inspired colour scheme is used atop background images of a print designer at work.

29. Modern Medical Flyer Template

Modern Medical Flyer Template

A refreshingly modern design for an industry which typically sees only clinical white & blue designs.

30. Yoga Studio Flyer Template

Yoga Flyer Template

Just as a yogi practices balance, this design too is a work of balance. Everything from minimal backgrounds with subtle patterns to bold colours and illustrated characters. Everything works in harmony.

31. Swiss Style Flyer Template

Swiss Style Flyer Template

Classic Swiss design principles produce a modern, crisp & highly flexible template. Ideal for a variety of business flyers & corporate design projects.

32. Brand Agency Flyer Template

Brand Agency Flyer Template

A perfect business flyer template. The central criss-cross graphics enable you to integrate brand colours with just a few clicks. Likewise, there are plentiful text areas to give an in-depth overview of available services and products.

33. Web Design Flyer Template

Web Designer Flyer Template

With web design being such an inherently digital service, printed flyers can can be an effective way to reach clients who aren't so tech savvy. This template is a prime example of such a design that blends corporate style with modern flare. Perfect for picking up new business customers.

34. SEO Agency Flyer Template

SEO Agency Flyer Template

Modern icons and large photo placeholders draw attention to what could otherwise be a boring corporate design. Instead, this flyer is fun, friendly, modern & approachable.

35. Travel Flyer Template

Travel Company Flyer Template

With equal parts image & text, this travel flyer template is a practical design for a range of business clients. Subtle wave patterns soften the corporate theme, whilst keeping the page minimal and professional.

36. Counselling Service Flyer Template

Counselling Service Flyer Template

Our final corporate flyer is this soft-hearted design for counselling services. Sweeping shapes, pastel colours and delicate lines combine for an elegantly practical flyer. Ideal for all corporate clients, regardless of their field.

Probably the Best Corporate Flyer Designs on The Internet

Over the years, we’ve become known for our timeless, creative corporate design work. Above all, we work hard to keep our designs as minimal as possible, focussing only on what is essential.

Grid-based place holders and legible typography ensure our templates are easy to customise. We’re also diligent to utilise accent colours, giving you an easy way to integrate your own brand guidelines into a design. We've also included all stock photos so no time's wasted searching for suitable images.

It's these ingredients which make our corporate flyers stand out from the crowd. But I’m sure you can see that from the designs above, right?

If you’d like to find more of our corporate design work, check out the professional services category button below. This is where we keep all of our corporate themed design work, from flyers & posters to brochures & banners. Enjoy!

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