14+ Art Deco Templates for Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

Art Deco Templates for Photoshop & Illustrator

Art Deco style templates are some of our favourite to design. They're bold, glitzy and singing with 1920's pizzaz. Art Deco's timeless style, elegance and glamour makes it ideal for vintage flyers & retro posters, especially when you want a touch of sophistication.

And this sophistication might be much needed. When clients such as upmarket hotels, high-end restaurants, and other such hospitality businesses want to throw a retro-style party, Art Deco is the go-to era.

Just as the Great Gatsby personified, the Art Deco period was filled with glitz and glamour, which is what makes it so popular amongst high-end clients (and why our Art Deco templates are so popular).

What year is Art Deco style?

Art Deco style was most popular in the early 1900's. The specific years are said to be between 1908-1935. It was a time of lavish parties, extravagant design and a turning point for society. The decadent partying and infamous socialites have the roaring 20's and its Art Deco style firmly pinned as a decade of good times. Perhaps that's why it remains such a popular style to this day.

What defines Art Deco style?

Art Deco style is typically defined by bold geometric lines in symmetrical compositions, with extravagant, glamorous styling. This is quite often seen in Art Deco themed print design, such as flyers and posters, which often use strong black and gold colours, exemplifying the ritziness and panache of 1920s socialites (i.e The Great Gatsby).

Create Vintage Art Deco Flyers, Posters & Menus

When it comes to creating Art Deco flyers or posters, it can be easier to start with a template. Crafting the intricate deco lines from scratch can be a difficult and timely process.

To give you that head start, we've put together this collection of Art Deco Templates for Photoshop & Illustrator. There's more than 10 unique designs (and growing), with each one available in both PSD and Vector Ai formats. What more could you need?!

1. White & Gold Art Deco Flyer Templates

Art Deco Flyer Templates

This set of gold & white templates filled with Art Deco border elements is one of our most popular Art Deco flyer templates, and for good reason too.

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2. Art Deco Invitation Templates

Art Deco Invitation Template

These Art Deco Invitation Templates are another of our more popular Art Deco templates. With their elaborate Art Deco border, these simple flyers are elevated to a truly exquisite period style.

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3. Modern Art Deco Bi-Fold Menu Template

Art Deco Bi-Fold Menu Template

Showcasing bold colours in a truly Art Deco style, this bi-fold menu layout utilises a gorgeous turquoise colour alongside chic white & gold.

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4. Art Deco NYE Party Flyer Template

Art Deco NYE Party Flyer Template

This Art Deco inspired flyer is perfect for NYE events at stylish hotels and upscale bars. The Art Deco border surrounds the edges of the page, leaving plentiful space in the centre for text based information.

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5. Art Deco Menu Templates

Art Deco Menu Templates

Oozing elegance and sophistication, these art menu templates are ideal for upscale restaurants, bars, clubs & hotels who want a retro yet classy menu layout.

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6. Art Deco Menu Templates Vol.2

Art Deco Menu Templates vol.2, PSD & Vector

With contemporary rose gold & velvet blue colours, these menu templates are perfect for hotels, cocktail bars and events with vintage 1920s themed events.

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7. Art Deco Wedding Invitation Templates

Art Deco Wedding Invitation Templates

This collection of Art Deco themed wedding templates includes invitations, flyers, rsvp card, menu layouts and more. Black & gold colours combined with the elaborate borders firmly instils the Art Deco style.

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8. Art Deco Cocktail Bar Flyer Template

Art Deco Cocktail Party Flyer Templates, Photoshop & Illustrator

As mentioned earlier, our Art Deco templates are popular amongst hotels and bars. That's why we've created this cocktail-themed Art Deco flyer, perfect for promoting offers and displaying small menus atop cocktail bars and tables.

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9. Modern Art Deco Flyer Template

Art Deco Flyer Template PSD & Vector

Again, utilising a sumptuous turquoise colour scheme, this Art Deco template is a modern interpretation of vintage Art Deco tiles, creating a luxurious feel without overwhelming the page.

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10. Art Deco Cocktail Bar Menu Template

Art Deco Cocktail Bar Menu Template

Furthering the theme of “Art Deco templates for bars & restaurants”, this art deco cocktail bar menu features rich black & gold colours with Art Deco borders for a classy & elegant feel.

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11. Art Deco Flyer Templates Vol.4

Art Deco Flyer Templates in PSD & Vector

With subtle patterns blended into the background, this set of flyers contrasts subtlety with intensely bold colours. Ideal as flyers, postcards & invitations, these Art Deco templates re the epitome of its style.

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12. Art Deco Party Flyer Template

Art Deco Flyer Templates

This party flyer template is big & bold with a striking gold & black art deco border. The 1920s style is perfect for Gatsby themed events, especially New Year's Eve.

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13. Art Deco Flyer Templates

Art Deco Flyer Template (for Photoshop & Illustrator)

Although buried down here at the bottom, this Art Deco Poster & Flyer is actually our number 1 most download template. Whether you’re throwing a 20s themed party or an extravagant NYE bash, this Art Deco Flyer Template is a brilliant way to stand out.

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14. Holiday Party Flyer Template

Holiday Party Flyer Templates

Mentioned a few times throughout this most has been NYE. The reason being is that Art Deco, naturally, is a perfect fit for New Year's Eve celebrations. This “Holiday Party Flyer Template” is softly inspired by Art Deco styles, resulting in a refined design ideal for use throughout the festive season.

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Need More Art Deco Templates?

If you're looking for Art Deco templates to help you put together a vintage flyer, poster or menu, you'll do well to check out our full library of templates.

Each template listed above comes in both Photoshop PSD & Illustrator Ai, giving you maximum flexibility and full control over the final design. Ready to jump in?

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