15 Best Newspaper Templates for InDesign

Most people get their news online these days, but newspapers still do a great job of delivering info. Besides, there's nothing like sitting at the table with a coffee in one hand and a newspaper in the other. After all, the look and feel of print still beats out tablets and laptop screens.

No matter what projects your clients have in mind, our newspaper templates get the job done. Enjoy great results and the satisfaction of leaving your clients satisfied.

We're no slouches when it comes to creative stuff. So, we did our homework and came up with 15 InDesign newspaper templates, all from premium sources. Each newspaper INDD file comes with everything you'll need to get started. Bleeds, margins, layers — everything's all set and ready for your creative expertise.

Why Use InDesign Newspaper Templates?

Let's face it — Adobe InDesign is the industry standard for layout and page design. InDesign's powerful toolset makes handling text-heavy designs a simple and worry-free task.

As for the templates, they're made to work with InDesign. That makes your job a whole lot easier and faster, to boot. What makes these templates great is that there's no long, drawn-out planning needed. In fact, you won't have to spend so much time and effort designing your layouts from scratch.

The bleeds, margins, grids, and guides are already set up. Style sheets and smart layers give you fine-tuned control over each element. You can even swap palettes, change fonts, and even change the structure itself to suit your needs. Everything is editable, so you're not locked into a specific design.

All that's needed is your content, along with any other tweaks you have in mind. After that, you're ready to print!

Take a look at our hot list of the Best Adobe InDesign Newspaper Templates:

1. Mindfulness and Wellbeing Digital Magazine Layout

Modern Newspaper Magazine

A modern layout with stunning gold accents for an elegant, old time look and feel.

2. Old and Classic Tabloid Newspaper Layout

Old and Classic Tabloid Newspaper Layout

A classic layout and enduring font choices make this template a winner. Perfect for a wide variety of uses.

3. Modern Newspaper Design Layout

Modern Newspaper Design Layout

When you think of newspapers, you'll think of this modern tabloid-style template. Includes 10 well-ordered pages to play around with.

4. Newspaper Design Layout

Newspaper Design Layout

Another modern tabloid-style layout, this time in RGB color for digital use. Now you can wow tablet users, too.

5. Tabloid Newspaper Layout

Tabloid Newspaper Layout

A stunning black-and-white design with sparse color accents. A pro-tier layout that's perfect for any purpose.

6. Vintage Retro Style Newspaper Layout

Vintage Retro Style Newspaper Layout

This layout harkens back to newspapers of old, but without seeming too stodgy. Features 14 easy-to-customize pages to explore.

7. Classy Newspaper Template

Classy Newspaper Template

Make your job easier with this sweet newspaper layout. Features bold headlines and big visuals that'll grab anyone's attention.

8. Newspaper Layout with Bold Text Elements

Newspaper Layout with Bold Text Elements

Here's another template with bold, eye-grabbing headlines. Includes 16 pages to explore and edit to your liking.

9. Minimal Newspaper Layout with Yellow Accents

Minimal Newspaper Layout with Yellow Accents

This one manages to be bold, yet understated at the same time. Either way, you'll love this minimalist layout.

10. Outdoor and Travel Magazine Layout

Outdoor and Travel Magazine Layout

This fresh and compelling layout works with any type of project. Features 18 versatile pages.

11. Teal and White Newsletter or magazine Layout

Teal and White Newsletter or magazine Layout

Here's a bold and modern choice for any type of news publication. Features 16 easy-to-edit pages.

12. Newsletter or Magazine with Teal Accents

Newsletter or Magazine with Teal Accents

Yet another sleek, modern template sporting fantastic teal accents. Bold headlines and visuals make this one pop.

13. Green Newspaper Layout

Green Newspaper Layout

Get away from the ordinary with this versatile layout. Brilliant green accents make this layout stand out from the rest.

14. Tabloid Newspaper Layout

Tabloid Newspaper Layout

What better way to deliver the good news than with this brilliant tabloid layout? Includes 10 pages in 11×17-inch size.

15. 12 Page Newsletter Layout with Blue Accents

12 Page Newsletter Layout with Blue Accents

Clean, modern and professional. The perfect template for businesses, but also versatile enough for other uses.

Final Thoughts on InDesign Newspaper Templates:

That does it for our list of the best INDD newspaper templates for InDesign. We hope this gives you inspiration for your next projects. Rest assured, there's more where that came from and we aim to feed your creative needs with more layouts soon.

If you or your clients love indulging in traditional media, then look no further. InDesign newspaper templates give you a solid foundation. From there, you'll have free rein to create newspapers that stand out.

The best thing about our newspaper INDD templates is that you'll have plenty of options on hand. For instance, the format you want for your next newspaper. Whether it's a traditional format or a tabloid-style layout, the choice is yours.

Once your newspaper is ready to print, double-check your PDF export settings. For instance, some presets may force RBG images to CMYK, creating unexpected issues. Others may flatten transparencies, leading to quality issues with fonts and vectors.

Don't hesitate to like and share our post with your friends and fellow designers. Also, leave a comment below and tell us your thoughts on our InDesign newspaper template list.

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