Folding A3 Pizza Menu Template for Photoshop & Illustrator

If you’re looking for a comprehensive Pizza Menu Template, look no further than this. In this folding A3 template we’ve included everything you need to create impressive menu designs that any pizza restaurant or takeaway would be proud of.

Better yet, the Photoshop & Illustrator files included in this download feature clearly labelled and well organised layers to ensure quick and easy editing.

Each file is in 300dpi CMYK colour format with added crop marks for easy and accurate printing.

The front of the menu features a beautiful typographic pattern made up of pizza related words. There’s also space for a logo and byline prominently featured at the top of the page.

The backside of the menu along with both inside pages feature extensive space for menu items. There are two different types of menu item designs, one utilising a thumbnail image and one with out. Each menu item includes space for a pizza name, price and ingredient list (or description).

The menu items can be broken up into categories (such as drinks, specials or vegetarian) with the convenient title headers placed between the lines.

Creating menus is can be a long and laborious project, but not with this template. With this A3 template by BrandPacks you’ll create a modern, easy-to-read & client pleasing menu with just a few minutes work.

Quick overview of this Folding A3 Pizza Menu Template

  • Standard A3 paper size
  • Includes front, back and inside page designs
  • All stock images are included
  • Comes with both Photoshop & Illustrator files
  • All layers are clearly labelled and well organised
  • Free customer support with al purchases
  • 300dpi CMYK print-ready files