What is the correct DL Card size?

What is The Correct DL Paper Size?

Over the years, we've had countless questions about the correct size of a DL card. As DL card templates are one of our most popular template categories, I figured I'd put the record straight.

What does DL size mean?

Firstly, to understand what the correct DL card size is, it's important to understand the cause of confusion amongst DL paper sizes.

In the printing world, “DL” actually refers to a “DL size envelope”, and when someone requests a DL flyer or DL card, they're actually asking for a paper size that'll fit inside a DL envelope.

So, what is the correct DL Card size?

A DL envelope size is 110mm x 220mm, and the corresponding paper size is called “1/3 A4”, which neatly fits inside, is 99mm x 210mm.

Therefore, the correct DL card paper size is 99mm x 210mm.

DL Flyer sizes chart:

DL Size Chart Print Size With Bleed
DL size in inches: 3.9in × 8.2in 4.15in x 8.45in
DL size in millimetres: 99mm × 210mm 105mm x 216mm
DL size in centimetres: 9.9cm x 21cm 10.5cm x 21.6cm

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Quick facts about DL flyers:

  1. DL flyers are the same length as A5 flyers, but with a more compact width
  2. DL flyers are exactly 1/3 the width of an A4 sheet
  3. DL flyers are the same size as a folded tri-fold brochures.

DL sized flyers are one of my favourite print marketing materials. Their compact size but plentiful length makes them a practical choice for a variety of promotions.

It can be tempting to stick to standard flyer sizes, but in many cases, I'll try and persuade my clients to try a DL paper size.

They're pocket sized, they fit in rack card holders and they're often cheaper than printing A5 flyers. (on VistaPrint, for example, 1,000 DL flyers cost just $69, whereas 1,000 A5 flyers cost $83!).

With these price savings in mind, and the fact you can fit almost as much text info on the page, why not give DL flyers a go?

We have hundreds of DL Card Templates for Photoshop & Illustrator to help design an eye-catching DL flyer… I mean, 1/3 of an A4! ?

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